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Thread: Hats off to rescue/foster homes for dogs

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    Default Hats off to rescue/foster homes for dogs

    Did an job at a house today - the woman was part of a dog rescue group. She had 8 dogs at her house. Was taking them for walks 3 at a time, the house was clean and the dogs well loved. She takes care of them until they can be adopted.

    Very cool for someone to be willing to do this - they were all very sweet dogs and are lucky she cared enough to give them a second chance.
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    Corsair, I used to house abandoned kitties that were left outside an RSPCA with the help of a locum doctor that lived next door to the shelter. The owner of the place was , for all intents and purposes - a dog person. Any cat that went to her facillity was allowed 1 fucking day until they were euthenized, (the law requires a minimum of 2 weeks housing - I believe). So doc used to drive by at least 5 times a night to see that no kittens were left to die in this concentration camp. If they were He'd look after them and vaccinate/ and nurse back to health any of the unloved cats. He lived an hour outside Sydney, and we met online when I wanted my 2 babies. After he explained his situation and predicament (long suffering allergic wife and no more room)I aggreed to act as a conduit to house any of the strays he found. Once a week, as busy as he was, he would drive in with a new delivery 3-8 kittens (most could fit in your hand as a group) I'd organize people that wished for free vaccinated and healthy cats, have a coffee and see that they bonded, and wernt under illusions that the animal would outlive goldfish and was a serious responsibility. We'd give them a litterbox and 2 weeks food and organize to catch up in a month to see how things were going.

    The most rewarding thing Ive done..... I might give him a call actually and see if he needs a kitty connection in Melbourne now. Thanks for reminding me of that mate

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    ^^that's very cool soth..

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    Some people are so wonderful to animals. They do it and expect nothing in return except knowing said animal will have a happy life.

    Lots of those stupid celebs could learn from people like this.

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