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Thread: Animal Carriers

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    Default Animal Carriers

    So what happens when you whip out your animal carrier in your home. Does your dog/cat look at you like you've suddenly turned evil torturer or do they ignore it?

    Took a new stray to the vet the other day and pulled out my cat carrier. My two kitties I've had a while looked at the carrier with horror in their eyes and skeedaddled while the stray just sat there before I picked him up and put him in the box. Once he was in the box my other kitties came back, started circling the box and kept meowing anxiously like they were saying "Run dude!"

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    I needed to take three cats to the vet to be spayed/neutered. Went back to the barn with the carrier and every cat ran hissing to hide.
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    I get a variety of responses from mine. With one dude I have to tip the carrier on end and drop him in from the top while he clings onto the sides of the opening as though I am sending him to his doom. Most of them seem to have poor memory and just spend several minutes sniffing it as though they are thinking, "Now where have I seen this thing before?". One of my furbabies has a recurring health problem and seems to welcome the appearance of the carrier. Maybe he knows that it means he will be feeling better soon.

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    we never travel with ours gator..they're big dogs so it wouldn't work..i don't like traveling one bit so i am happy to stay at home and take care of them when everyone goes works out well

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    Our biggest and most powerful cat will fight tremendously against being put into a carrier. But wrap him up in a towel and hold him on your lap, he is relaxed and happy. Go figure.
    Our most timid one, a feral rescue, pastes herself to the back of the closet and holds her breath, we have to get her out with a flashlight and a toilet plunger or coat hanger. I feel like a fucking Nazi when we do that.
    The two others don't mind so much, it's not so traumatic for them. In fact, we have to watch Momo, he loves the carrier. Sometimes when we get a more scared one into the carrier, he's already in there, and we have to pry him out first!!
    Just different personalities and sensitivities, I guess.
    Putting a towel or a coat over the carrier in the car makes a difference, also use the seat belt if you can, and hold some fingers through the bars for reasurrance. It is usually appreciated.
    One bad reaction was from a sweet little dog I had for a long time. Everytime we put a kitty into a carrier, he would shake and cry and be very disturbed. Unconsolable.
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    I have several kitties, so I always leave a couple carriers out and open for them to use as beds/hiding spots. They are so used to being able to go in/out of them whenever they want, that they aren't scared of them at all. Once inside the car however...well, that's another story!

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