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Thread: Dog that was taken away from its owners because it was too fat is returned

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    Default Dog that was taken away from its owners because it was too fat is returned

    Two brothers convicted of allowing their pet Labrador to get too fat have been given the dog back.

    Saddler Derek Benton, 62, and brother, David, 53, a crane driver, were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog after a trial in Ely, Cambs.
    RSPCA officials seized pet Rusty 10 months ago when she weighed 11 stone.
    Magistrates gave them a conditional discharge but said Rusty could be returned to their home in Fordham if she was properly fed and cared for.
    Vets had been concerned that she had put on too much weight and this would affect her health.
    She was unable to walk far and had trouble with her legs.
    David Benton said he and his brother had collected Rusty from the RSPCA on Friday evening.
    "The first thing I did was take her for a walk, then she settled down for a sleep in front of the fire," he said. "It's great to have her back."
    The brothers had denied mistreating the dog and said they were "flabbergasted" when prosecuted. RSPCA inspectors said they planned to monitor the dog to ensure that its weight did not balloon again.

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    Interesting. Should they start charging the parents of overweight children?

    Just think of the implications of this.

    Gotta say, though, that this is the fattest dog I've ever seen
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    They sound like my neighbors...the fatter everything is, the better. Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, kids and themselves. They figure as long as it's fat, there's no neglect!

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    Yuk.....totally putting the dogs health at risk.

    Stupid people shouldn't be able to have dogs, no lab should look like that. Cruel people. I hope the RSPCA will keep two eyes on this matter.

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    Well, people do this to their kids deliberately and nobody seems to care.

    Or rather, no one would ever dream of removing a child from a home due to this.
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    Maybe w/ proper education now, the men will take better care of the dog. Some people are so ignorant they could be totally unaware of the risks of obesity in dogs.
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