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Thread: Chipmunks are taking over...HELP!!!

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    Default Chipmunks are taking over...HELP!!!

    Last summer I noticed chipmunks all over our yard, and they dug up lots of my landscaping and started burrowing under my cement porch. I kept burying their holes and never did anything about it.

    Now it is cold and wet outside, and the critters have found their way in. Every evening I hear them in my attic, scritching, scratching, rolling...Jesus they make a TON of noise. They also chewed through some wires in my van that broke my heater for awhile...luckily my dad was able to fix it relatively cheaply.

    Oh my god I can't take the noise anymore. And I am afraid of the damage they could cause to my unsulation and wires up there. I am pretty certain they are chipmunks and not mice simply becuase of the loudness (I had a mouse problem at my old house and it didn't sound the same) and the fact that I saw so many this past summer.

    Help me? Anyone? How do I get rid of them?
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    Oh no! I've never heard of such a thing! And they're so damned cute!

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    Oh I was just talking about chipmunks in another thread I know it's irrational but they are just too cute (too cute to exterminate ).
    Why do these things chew thru wires? Maybe you can put up some bird houses (chipmunk houses...they hybernate in winter though but it's warm where you are?) up in trees and start feeding them outside so that they'd move out of your house.

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    algernon maybe you can call animal control?
    they may have a non-cruel way to help you deal with this problem.

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    You can call a Wild Animal Rescue group and ask their advice also.
    Good Luck, seems that word has gotten out that there are good chipmunk accomodations at algernon's b&b!!

    Moomies idea worked with my Aunt and her attic full of squirrels, but you have to close up all their entrances to your house, after you get them out.
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