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Thread: Looking to buy an aquarium/fish tank--any suggestions?

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    Default Looking to buy an aquarium/fish tank--any suggestions?

    I am looking to purchase an aquarium/fish tank for my daughters room--for her 3rd birthday which is at the end of January. I haven't had a fish tank in probably 25 yrs, and have forgotten the joys (*snort*) of having such a thing...and the few times that I have briefly looked at them, they seeem to have a whole host of new kinds of fish tanks (small/self contained, etc).
    I know 3 yrs old is rather young for her own tank, but there are reasons for it (too much to go into) though we are redecorating her room in a fish theme, so it would fit the decor and she LOVES fish.

    So to those w/fish tanks, how big are they? How many fish do you have? Do you have a lot of things in the tank? How often do you clean it?? What are the downsides?? Please be honest....


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    hey lynnie, i don't have fish now, but we did have them as kids..if you get a small tank with just a few fish, it is not too much work, but a larger tank is a lot more work, and has to be cleaned every couple of months i think.
    but on the plus side fish are easy to take care of in terms of feeding etc..
    that's awesome your daughter is going through a fish phase with her decor and room theme..i went through a mermaid phase and i never really got out of it lol (i still love mermaid pics and watercolors and i'm sure i'll show up to a costume party as one in the future lol)
    it's great how kids are so unique and they get so passionate about things you'd never be able to predict.

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