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Thread: Donald Trump Jr. Receives Permit Allowing Him to Hunt Alaska Grizzly Bear

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    Default Donald Trump Jr. Receives Permit Allowing Him to Hunt Alaska Grizzly Bear

    With any luck he'll be horrifically mauled but survive to live an unyielding, mind-numbing pain for the rest of his life.

    Happy thought for the day.

    Donald Trump Jr. Receives Permit Allowing Him to Hunt Alaska Grizzly Bear

    FEB 22, 20209:20 AM

    Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle and Donald Trump, Jr. speak with reporter Brahm Resnik at a rally at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum on February 19, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Caitlin O’Hara/Getty Images
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    Donald Trump Jr. has received one of 27 slots for non-residents to be allowed to hunt a grizzly bear in northwestern Alaska. The president’s son was one of three people who applied for the 27 slots for non-residents. The state carries out regular drawings to hunt various animals, including caribou and moose. Usually the competition is stiff, but Trump Jr. didn’t have much competition this time since so many slots went unfilled.
    In order to carry out the hunt, Trump must pay a $1,000 non-resident fee as well as a $160 hunting license.
    Donald Trump Jr.

    I AM A HUNTER I don't hide from that "@Fashion_life01: Jr what do you think of the controversy surrounding a pic where ure shown hunting?


    1:31 PM - Mar 12, 2012
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    Trump Jr. often talks about his love for hunting and has taken several trips to Alaska and Canada to hunt. Photos of Trump Jr. holding dead animals after a big-game hunt in Africa caused an uproar several years ago when they were published online. Earlier this month, Safari Club International obtained $150,000 at auction for a seven-day “Dream Hunt” with Trump Jr. and his son in Southeast Alaska. Animal rights activists were quick to criticize the auction. “Advertised as a ‘dream hunt,’ this hunting trip will be nothing but a nightmare for the Sitka black-tailed deer and sea ducks who find themselves in the gun sights of Donald Trump Jr. and whomever purchases this sick thrill,” Jeff Flocken, the president of Humane Society International, said.
    Jane @PoodleMama1966

    The GOP. Here's Donald Trump Jr. holding the tail of an elephant (party symbol) that he killed. #TrumpSacrifices


    8:55 PM - Jul 30, 2016
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    Full Frontal

    · Aug 3, 2016

    Replying to @FullFrontalSamB
    Eric Trump hurt this innocent duck and we are sad about it!

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    I have no tolerance for trophy hunting. But my brother-in-law hunts black bear in Maine and uses it to sustain him through the winter. Do I think this douche is doing it for the meat? Nope.
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    As someone posted on Facebook about this, he should invite his father and they both should wear fur coats....
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