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Thread: Lamby, the Orphaned Lamb

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    Default Lamby, the Orphaned Lamb

    Abandoned Lamb Wandered Into A Random Yard And Found Her New Family

    Stacie Elam

    The day Lamby was born, she was already an orphan.

    STACIE ELAMHer mother had mastitis, a painful infection in the breast tissue, and so she refused to care for her. Sensing that she was unwanted, Lamby ran away and wandered into the yard of the family next door.

    Stacie Elam and her family found Lamby tangled in some brush in their yard, and assumed she had wandered in from the farm next door. After speaking to her owner, who told them the situation, they decided to give Lamby the ultimate gift: a new family.

    STACIE ELAMLamby had to be bottle fed every four hours, but Elam did not mind in the least. "She is happy, healthy, growing beautifully and hopping around playing with my daughter and I," Elam told The Dodo.

    STACIE ELAMSince joining the Elam family, Lamby has formed a special bond with Jeslyn, Elam's 3-year-old daughter, and Sammy, the family's black lab.

    STACIE ELAMThe three friends love to play together, and Lamby is getting all of the love and attention she never would have gotten in her old life.

    STACIE ELAMThanks to the Elam family, Lamby is growing up loved.

    "She follows us everywhere we go," Elam said.

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    Lucky lambkin! So sweet.
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    Aww this is such a sweet story. It reminds me when I was a kid my cat had kittens and one looked so much like a lamb we named her Lamby. Thanks for the memories BlueBonnet.
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    I lover her little diaper!
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    Cats are really just land based sharks in fur coats. - Kittylady

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    So adorable, and how nice of the family to take her in and care for her.
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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