Love, trust, and patience are some of the greatest gifts we can offer. These are gifts that give and give and when accepted, they can turn lives around and make something where there was nothing. Animals understand love and patience possibly more than anyone else, and when they accept our love, they always give it back to us.
A woman saw a stray dog walking outside Athens, Greece.

She noticed its face had hardened, so she took a picture and posted it on Facebook, hoping someone would be able to help.

via Facebook / Save a Greek Stray

The five-year-old mutt was very scared of humans, presumably because she'd never been around them before.

This made it very hard to catch her, but all involved were determined to get her help. She was finally caught and brought to Save a Greek Stray shelter in Oropos, Greece. They named her Petra, which means "stone" in Greek.

Valia Orfanidou was there to meet Petra and knew she had to do everything for the pup.

"I think she's always been a stray because she looked like she had never been around people. Even dogs in that condition, if they've been around people are more friendly. Petra looked like she had never been touched."

Petra was given mineral baths to help with her mange.

Her condition slowly began to improve, but she was still very afraid. She wouldn't look at anyone but she never tried to bite either. It was almost as if she appreciated the help she was getting but still remained very reserved.

Every week that went by, Petra grew braver.

She started to leave her cage more willingly. "She started wagging her tail and looked willing to play with us, her toys and the other dogs."

Her infections healed and Petra was reborn.

She is proof that when you give another living being love and patience, you are rewarded more than you could ever have imagined. You can save a life.

via Facebook / Save a Greek Stray

Happy and healthy Petra is looking for her forever home in Greece.

I have no idea why the other photos and video aren't pasting, it's a heartwarming story.

This Dog Who Turned To Stone Never Knew Love Like This Until Now