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Thread: Woman Knits Tiny Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm

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    Default Woman Knits Tiny Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm

    Woman Knits Tiny Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm | Bored Panda

    7 days ago by Julija Televičiūtė

    Two kind-hearted women are rescuing retired battery chickens by giving them a new home.
    They own around 60 hens and half of them are former battery chickens, who, unfortunately, having spent all their lives in cages, are not able to acclimatize to normal weather conditions.

    Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann from Falmouth in Cornwall, England came up with a novel way to keep them warm – they knit woolly chicken jumpers. “It’s important to make people aware of the poor conditions the hens live in and the fact that they have no feathers when they are retired,” says Nicola.

    “We’ve also had inquiries so far from Canada as well as local people asking for the jumpers. If anyone would like to purchase one we ask for a donation for an AIDS orphanage in South Africa,” added Nicola.

    “We’ve been knitting chicken jumpers for the last six months”

    “We are doing it for the ex-battery hens for when they come out of their poor conditions for them to put on in the cold weather”

    “There’s not a problem with them actually putting the jumpers on, they just stand there and they do everything they should be doing – as a chicken would”

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    i like her cat in the hat t shirt.
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