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Thread: Rescued pit bulls show off their beautiful nature for the camera

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    Default Rescued pit bulls show off their beautiful nature for the camera

    Rescued pit bulls show off their beautiful nature for the camera

    Natasha Christian September 29, 2015, 9:32 pm

    This video proves even a pit bull that has suffered the worst possible abuse can still be a kind, gentle and playful dog.

    While the breed is often portrayed as a vicious fighting dog with a temperament that can’t be changed, it’s far from the case.

    Puppy love. Photo: Hope for Paws

    A U.S animal rescue organization, Hope For Paws have shared a heartwarming video of two pit bulls that had become friends after being rescued.

    Cadence or Chance were thankfully saved – Cadence was being used as a bait dog and Chance was living on the streets as a stray.

    Photo: Hope for Paws

    While they’d both had rough lives separately, when the pair met for the first time within minutes it was ‘puppy love’.

    While both of the dogs had suffered in the past it was clear they were keen to get on with the future as they playfully ‘danced’ in front of the camera.

    It goes to show dogs aren’t born to be dangerous, they’re taught to be.

    *Unfortunately i just can't get the video to embed here.
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    Awww. Little darlings
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    Yes, I'm sure pits and staffs are wonderful dogs IF they have the right owners. We steer clear from them ever since our Bailey was attacked out of nowhere twice by such dogs when she was still a puppy, minding her own business (actually on leash looking for a place to pee). The second attack it took 4-5 adult women to get the beast off of our dog: it was one huge piece of indestructable muscle with a locked jaw. Both times three staples in the back of our dog's head and neck. So, no, thank you. We're on guard whenever we see something square and muscular heading our way.
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