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Thread: Meet Wally the Bunny with Pigtails

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    Default Meet Wally the Bunny with Pigtails

    Meet Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears 192K views
    1 day ago by Dainius

    Wally is an English Angora rabbit who lives in Massachusetts, USA, and has ears that look like angel wings. He and his owner Molly recently became famous on Instagram for their clever commentary, cuteness, and crazy haircut. Wally was born in July of 2014, making him a Cancer.Angora rabbits are bred for their long, soft, wool, and are one of the oldest types of domestic rabbits. They were first bred in Ankara, present day Turkey, and became popular in 18th century France. Their wool is softer than cashmere. English Angora rabbits are popular as pets because they often look like puppies or teddy bears.More info: Instagram (h/t: lostateminor)




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    Aaawwww, he's adorable!
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    It looks fake.
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    He really does. Like a stuffed toy come to life!
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    wtf it's a rabbit poodle! he's fucking adorable.

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    Oh my goodness, look at him! .. What an absolute cutie pie Walter is.

    The beige patch of fur on his face looks like a mini face of another rabbit (especially in the motion pic of Walter jumping up).

    Oh he is sooo cuuute

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    I'm obsessed with Wally!! He's absolutely adorable!
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