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Thread: Scotland's first cat cafe Maison de Moggy opens its doors in Edinburgh

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    Default Scotland's first cat cafe Maison de Moggy opens its doors in Edinburgh

    SCOTLAND’S first ‘cat cafe’ will open its doors on Sunday allowing feline fanatics to enjoy the purrfect’ cuppa.

    Maison de Moggy, based in the heart of Edinburgh, will allow animal lovers to spend up to an hour in the company of their specially selected ten pedigree cat residents.
    Ranging from Ragdolls to Maine Coon’s, the cats are aged between four months and two years, explaining their playful hijinx as they run wild around their specially designed playground.
    But owner Laura O’Neill explained that there is an important cause behind the quirky cafe.

    The 27-year-old said: “While petting cats is obviously really therapeutic and has so many health benefits, the cafe will also help people who are thinking about getting their own cat.

    “They’ll be able to see what the different breeds behave like - Bengals can be wild and hyper while Ragdolls can be cuddly - and if they’re suited to looking after that particular breed.
    “But it’s also for cat lovers that find themselves unable to get pets themselves because of where they live or what they do for work.
    “It’ll be good for older people who may not be able to take care of a cat full-time but still want to have the experience of petting a cat.
    “Stressed out students will also find that spending an hour stroking the cats will definitely make them feel better. It’s good for everyone and the cats love all the attention and toys.”
    All the cats have been given French names in keeping with the theme and include Alaine the Ragdoll, Guillaume the Chinchilla Persian and Sebastian the Domestic British Shorthair.

    The cats welfare will be carefully monitored by specially appointed ‘cat nannies’ who will keep a close eye on the ten residents, ready to whisk them away for a break when needed.
    And the entry fee of £6 will go directly towards the cats care including vet bills, food supplies and vital toys.
    A special range of local teas, coffees and cakes will be available to customers - all prepared in a special cat-free zone.
    While ten lucky customers will be offered a spot in the exclusive downstairs chill out zone designed for more one on one time with some of the cafe’s more cuddly residents.
    Cafe-goers do have a list of rules that they’ve got to stick to which includes not smuggling in their own treats for that cats, who are on specially adapted diets.
    The cat-lovers also be made to use hand sanitiser before entering and leaving the cafe in the interest of hygiene.
    Laura, an employment lawyer by day, was so inspired by her visits to various cat cafes’ on a trip to Japan last summer that she decided to open her own in Scotland.
    Anyone wishing to visit the cafe is urged to book their space online to avoid disappointment as many days are already full . Book at

    In pictures: Scotland's first cat cafe Maison de Moggy opens its doors in Edinburgh - Daily Record
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    Great idea-I'll be right over!
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    My cousin lives in Edinburgh - think I'm overdue a visit!
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    Himself is building up points for free hotel nights. I think I know where I want to go to use them up.
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    Oh man, I'd never want to leave there.
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    Looks like a typical evening at my house.
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