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Thread: Josh Duhamel Loves His Shelter Dogs!

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    Default Josh Duhamel Loves His Shelter Dogs!

    I Love Josh Duhamel Even More After Seeing How Much He Loves His Shelter Dogs!

    The Animal Rescue Site As if you needed another reason to love Josh Duhamel, it turns out hes a dog lover! Not only that, but hes a shelter rescuer, too.
    Hear his heartwarming adoption story in the video below!


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    Thank you so much for posting this, Witchy!

    What a sweetheart Josh is and good on him for helping with this.

    My dogs are both shelter dogs and i love, care about and respect them more than anything.

    What really makes me angry is when some people have the chain of thought that shelter animals are crazy or that you shouldn't have to pay money to adopt them.. how ridiculous is that?

    Animal Shelters don't live on fresh air and they NEED money to keep going and help the animals they rescue.. and paying for adoption shows that you are serious about giving your new family member a loving safe home for the rest of their life.
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    I shared this video on my Facebook account a couple of months ago. I just love Josh, too. He does a ton of things for animals with Pedigree and is always sharing them. You can tell he really loves animals, plus he is hot as hell!!
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    Well shit, now I have a crush on his ass.

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