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Thread: Underwater Puppies

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    Default Underwater Puppies

    Wide eyed with barely contained excitement and blowing bubbles through their little noses, these swimming puppies could bring a smile to the most dour of faces.
    The images are the handiwork of award-winning photographer Seth Casteel, who has captured the moment the puppies break through the surface of the water to stunning effect.
    The result is a collection of over 80 portraits, as Casteel seeks to capture a unique side to man's best friend.

    This adorable pug pup takes to the water with gusto - captured mid-bubble blow under water

    For some of puppies in the series, it was their very first time in the water

    Says Seth Casteel: 'My series of underwater photos show a side of puppies we never get to see.
    'Through the course of shooting I have worked under water with more than 250 dogs.
    'Most of the puppies featured in this book hadn't been underwater until they met me, and some had never even been swimming!'

    Photographer captures incredible pics of underwater do

    The Los Angeles and Chicago-based photographer says he likes to capture the animals at ease

    Based in Los Angeles and Chicago, Seth's photography agency specialises in lifestyle pet photography, embracing the 'at-ease' mentality of pets on location in their natural surroundings.
    His first foray into the world of underwater photography involving dogs results in the hugely popular series of adult dogs frolicking below the surface.
    Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel is published on 17th September 2014 by Headline Books, priced 14.99.

    This adorable little fellow seems to have come over all bashful in front of the camera

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    Read more: Puppies take the plunge! Photographer captures captivating canines as they dive underwater for the very first time | Daily Mail Online
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    So cute! I saw an interview with this guy and he's also involved in a program where he works with shelters and groomers to take better photos of adoptable animals to help showcase them. I hope he makes lots of money from his book because he's doing great volunteer work for shelter animals.

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