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Thread: Retired soldier gets to keep his combat partner dog

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    Default Retired soldier gets to keep his combat partner dog

    Heartwarming moment retired soldier surprised his Iraq K9 partner by adopting him a year after they were separated... and the delighted dog immediately remembered him

    • Retired Air Force Sergeant David Simpson paid $2000 to fly from Florida to get Robbie
    • The touching footage of their reunion quickly gained tens of thousands of views

    PUBLISHED: 02:46, 14 March 2014 | UPDATED: 12:09, 14 March 2014

    A retired soldier flew thousands of miles to reunite with the intrepid German shepherd that served alongside him in Iraq and the touching footage has quickly gone viral.
    Retired Air Force Sergeant David Simpson made a best friend in the form of military pooch Robbie as the two served together securing dangerous city streets in Iraq for four years.
    But their beautiful relationship came to an abrupt halt a year ago when Simpson left the military and his canine comrade continued to serve.
    Scroll down for video... [at link]


    Heartwarming: Touching footage of retired Air Force sergeant David Simpson reuniting with his canine partner of four years has quickly gone viral

    The intervening months were so difficult for Simpson that he immediately purchased a $2,000 plane ticket to Germany to adopt Robbie when he learned that dog, too, was retiring.
    '[It's] probably the most difficult task we have to do, other than having your dog passing away,' the father of three, who now lives in Mulberry, Florida, told FOX 13.

    'It was very tough to go through, and you don't know if the dog understands. Having to say goodbye, that is heartbreaking.'

    Thankfully, the heartbreak was only temporary.


    Partners: Simpson and Robbie served side by side securing dangerous city streets in Iraq



    The happy pair reunited at Germany's Spangdahlem Air Base, where Simpson had flown from his Florida home at a personal cost of $2,000 to adopt Robbie after he, too, retired



    Traumatic: Simpson became emotional as he described to reporters the emotional trauma of parting ways with his canine partner when he left the military for medical reasons a year ago

    But footage of their heartwarming reunion at Germany's Spangdahlem Air Base will surely leave a lasting impression on any viewer, patriotic or dog loving.

    Within hours after it was posted to YouTube, the video had received tens of thousands of views.

    Robbie's ecstatic reaction to seeing his longtime partner proves the 85-pound pup missed Simpson as much as the soldier missed him.


    Long year: The duo was inseparable for years. But Robbie remained on active duty when Simpson left the military a year before the reunion


    Never change: The 85-pound pooch showed all the trademark rambunctiousness Simpson remembered when they were reunited


    The pair patrolled streets and performed security checks at military bases together for fouor years


    'My goal for him is to allow him to have as much fun and relaxation for the rest of his life. I just want him to enjoy his retirement,' Simpson said

    Now Robbie is living in the Simpson household, learning how to live ina family full of young children.

    If more recent footage of the dog frollicking in Simpson's sunny backyard is any indication, the transition won't be all that hard.

    And either way, Robbie deserves to be happy as much as master.

    'My goal for him is to allow him to have as much fun and relaxation for the rest of his life. I just want him to enjoy his retirement,' Simpson said.


    Big change: Robbie is now learning how to relax at Simpson's Mulberry, Florida home where he lives with Simpson's family--including three young children

    Air Force TSgt. David Simpson and Robson: At work and at home


    Read more: Adorable moment retired soldier is reunited with his Iraq dog partner after he flew to Germany to adopt him a year after they were separated | Mail Online

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    These dogs need to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. They've all served their country well. I think the military should do as much as they can to reunite these dogs with their handlers and not have the money come out of the serviceman's (or woman's) pocket.
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    OK. I am a wreck.
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    I agree it sucks that he had to spend his own funds, but it's so great he had the opportunity to reunite with his dog. If you've ever read about the Vietnam war dogs and how the military abandoned or euthanized most of them, it's just sickening and heartbreaking. So many stories about serviceman who never got over having to leave their dogs behind, but they had no choice.
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