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Thread: Stray dog rescues crash victim

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    Default Stray dog rescues crash victim


    After Shannon Lorio’s car spun out of control on a windy road, she crashed into the woods completely out of view of other drivers. As she lied there half-conscious, and with a bleed in her brain, imagine her surprise when out of nowhere a stray dog appears. What happens next will absolutely stun you…

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    What a fabulous dog! Wonderful story,thanks for posting.
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    Kleenex, please.
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    I thought for sure that the GSD in the beginning of the clip was an "actor" doing a re-enactment of saving her life and that the video would end with "he ran off and I never saw him again." Nice to know Hero had such a wonderful ending to his story too.
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    How sweet!!
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    This brought me to tears of course.
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