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Thread: Cat Heaven Island in Japan

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    Default Cat Heaven Island in Japan

    So There’s A Tiny Island In Japan, And You’re Really Gonna Want To See What’s There…Trust Me.

    November 15, 2013 Stories

    A Japanese photographer named Fubirai spent 5 years photographing and documenting the lives of semi-feral cats who live off the coast of Fukuoka, Japan. This island has been called Cat Heaven Island by many. One look at the photographs and life there, and you’ll see exactly why.
    Behold. A cat lover’s paradise.
    The local fishermen are known to feed the cats on Cat Heaven Island.

    They’re free to jump around…

    …and even pose for the camera.

    They start families here and care for their young.

    Their adorable young.

    It’s actually quite romantic.

    Of course they need to eat, so there’s a lot of begging.

    Lunch time!

    They play just like domesticated kitties.

    They have no problem with humans.

    Except maybe this gang.

    Some of them are a bit crazy.

    Some are even stuntcats.

    They can be so adorable.

    REALLY adorable.

    But they really don’t have any boundaries though.

    Seriously, no boundaries.

    But that’s okay.

    Because this is their land.

    And they don’t mind sharing it.

    I look for this island to slowly expand with these cats ultimately overtaking the entire world, methodically and effectively. You heard it here first.
    Until then, share Cat Heaven Island with others. You have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.

    Cat Heaven Island Photos Where Cats Run Freely And Wildly
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    Looks like my house on any given evening.
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    Spooky. These two look EXACTLY like our tabby twins Sid and Sam RIP

    REALLY adorable.
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    Lots of gingers there.
    Be excellent to each other.

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    Wow, they all look so healthy and seem pretty sweet. Very adorable.

    And I thought Miami Beach was the land of feral cats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    Lots of gingers there.
    That's what I was thinking. Cat Heaven Island looks great, but maybe some capture/spay/neuter is in order. There's got to be too much in-breeding.
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    I'm guessing they didn't photograph any of the sick cats, or the one eyed cats etc. Leaving a population just unchecked like this is not cool.

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    ^ They could have eaten them?

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    Whoa, that's a lot of cats. No, thanks.
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    I was wondering if any of them had any diseases especially Feline Leukemia. A lot of the feral cats that I tried to take care of have died from it and I only have about 10 of them around here.

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