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Thread: Bubbles and Bella; BFFs

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    Default Bubbles and Bella; BFFs

    Hot Sluts Of The Day!

    September 17, 2013 / Posted by: Michael K

    Bubbles the elephant and her best friend forever Bella the dog!

    Bubbles was brought to the US and adopted in 1983 by the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina after her family was killed for their tusks by poachers in Africa. 24 years later, Bella was abandoned at Myrtle Beach Safari by a contractor hired to build Bubbles a pool. Bubbles was an orphan, Bella was an orphan and it was love at first sight. They bonded over their love of the water and immediately became the Oprah and Gayle of the Myrtle Beach Safari. If Bella ever gets on Bubbles’ last elephant nerve by using her head as a diving board for the 6,834,678th time, Bubbles could easily squash that bitch, but she doesn’t, because her heart spits out love for that dog. They love each other all the way and are always together, so of course lesbian rumors surround them. They refused to respond to the rumor that one of the gossiping tigers saw Bella hump on Bubbles’ trunk.

    Here’s a video tribute to their friendship. Tip: The song is awful, so you might want to watch this with the mute button on, unless you need something to mask the sound of your heart boiling over and exploding as you actually feel warm feelings.

    I love them together, but what I love more is the “Is this bitch really jumping off of my head again?!” look that Bubbles throws every time Bella jumps off of her head again.

    (Pic via Myrtle Beach Safari)
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    Too cute. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze me.
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    They have the best time! That did my heart a world of good.
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    As usual, elephants are awesome.
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    Elephants are awesome and so are labs.

    This is magnificent.

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    perfect pair....lucky girl!!

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    So cute!

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    This is too precious!!
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