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Thread: Wayne Rhodus "Butterflies", Nature Photographer

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    Default Wayne Rhodus "Butterflies", Nature Photographer

    Encircled in markings mimicking a ring of fire, this Red Admiral butterfly paid a visit to my yard yesterday, allowing me to capture its portrait for posterity.

    As if posing for the camera, this Common Buckeye butterfly shows off its warm, inviting colors and lovely markings.

    Frame filling view of a Red Spotted Purple butterfly on my garden's sedum.

    Adrift on a sea of color, a Painted Lady rides the bow of a solitary sedum. Wishing you all smooth sailing today.

    Colorful, iridescent markings painted on fields of black signify that a Common Buckeye Butterfly has arrived in my yard ... 3 of them in fact

    Captured hovering over a petunia with its wings fully open one can see how the White-lined Sphinx Moth got its name

    Dining in late afternoon dappled light, a Red Spotted Purple butterfly feasts on a succulent sedum nectar.

    "Denizen of Danger" - Dangling like a bat from its sedum inner-sanctum, a denizen of danger (praying mantis) awaits unwary prey in a trance-like state. See inset close up.

    Holiday Bonus Image! Stepped out in my backyard to see what might be flitting around the flowers. Found this lovely red spotted purple butterfly slowly feeding on some sedum.

    On a hot, humid late summer Kansas evening a pair of monarch butterflies indulge in a little winged amore' ... monarch ecstasy.

    Note: Monarch populations are declining significantly so I am putting in a 2,500 square foot "butterfly oasis" featuring only native grasses and wildflower host & nectar plants. If you have any space, large or small, please consider doing a little research then plant some nectar and hosts plants for these majestic butterflies. They could use your support.

    Last Saturday morning I took a couple of area photographers to see Grinter Farm's sunflower field in its prime. Here's the view from on top of my Trailblazer. I'll often times get on top of my vehicle to get a little higher perspective ... looking for just a tad different feel than can be had standing on the ground.

    Keeping with the sunflower theme, this image was made several years ago at the very same field that hosts the Grinter Farms sunflowers this year.

    Viceroy Majesty" - Flying flower perfection, in the form of a viceroy butterfly, finds an equally perfect sunflower bloom. Sharing their time honored rendezvous, I captured this fleeting moment for you.

    Magenta rain pours down over a sweeping sea of Kansas sunflowers, their fleeting beauty etched into the minds of all who will witness

    Wayne Rhodus Nature Photography

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    I love these! Thank you for posting this.
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    One of these is going to be my new background on my monitor!
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    ^ Just what I was thinking. Thanks for posting them WW!
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    Amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing.
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