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Thread: 89 Dogs Rescued From a Hoarder; Here's One Dog's Story

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    Default 89 Dogs Rescued From a Hoarder; Here's One Dog's Story

    • Arwen was almost blind when she was found at the home in January
    • A volunteer who transported her from the desert decided to adopt her
    • She underwent eye surgeries and had to learn how to trust humans again
    • Now her owner calls Arwen: 'The perfect dog'

    Just five months ago, Arwen the pitbull mix was found nearly blind at a hoarder's home in the freezing Mojave Desert with 88 other dogs, no shelter and little food or water.
    But now, a touching film has revealed her incredible recovery - and how she is enjoying a new life with a caring owner and an affectionate brother, another pitbull named Keiko.
    Arwen, 10, was found surrounded by snow and with scores of other animals after an animal hoarder contacted authorities to say she could no longer care for the 89 dogs on her land.
    Teams organized by Karma Rescue traveled to the home, which was three hours from Los Angeles, where they found many dogs roaming the property without protection from the cold.

    Nervous: Arwen the 10-year-old pitbull mix was found with 88 other dogs in the Mojave Desert in January

    Apprehensive: When she was found, Arwen was uncertain how to interact and shied away from human touch

    Those that did live inside make-shift runs were forced to endure dirty enclosures covered in feces which often mixed with the food that was thrown into their cages.
    But the hoarder, who lived in the unincorporated land of the Mojave Desert, was not doing anything illegal and no charges were pressed.
    Instead, the volunteers got to work building shelters for the animals until there were enough resources to ferry them to foster homes,The Pet Collectivefilm explains.
    Arwen shied away from human touch - uncertain how to deal with interactions - and volunteers noticed she was suffering a severe eye infection after exposure to the desert's brutal elements.

    Lonely: 88 other dogs also lived on the land with Arwen, pictured, but some were locked in enclosures

    Long road to recovery: When Arwen was taken from the desert, right, she was suffering severely infected eyes, left, after being exposed to such brutal elements. She underwent surgery to remove scar tissue

    Images show that her eyes were entirely bloodshot and inflamed, leaving the animal in pain and convincing volunteers that if she had been found any later, she would have surely been blind.
    A volunteer named Alex transported her and other dogs to a boarding facility - but on the way, another worker suggested that Alex could provide a foster home.
    Alex agreed - but soon welcomed Arwen into her home full time.
    She took her to the vet and the animal, whose condition was far worse than originally thought, underwent eye surgery to remove inflamed tissue - the size of cherries - from her eyes.
    Other afflictions revealed Arwen's former life; she had hardly any teeth after gnawing at the hoarder's fence, and she nervously paced Alex's home in circles resembling the shape of her previous home.

    Suffering: Arwen has hardly any teeth after years of gnawing at the fence at the Mojave Desert site

    Recovery: She was taken home by one of the volunteers and slowly began to get used to her new life

    Settling in: A video reveals her happy at her new home after she underwent eye surgery

    'She had some behaviors that were very typical of dogs that have been unsocialized, in confinement, neglected,' Alex said. 'She walked in circles constantly.
    'Her body was deteriorating. Had Karma Rescue not intervened and provided medical assistance I'm sure she would either be dead or in constant pain.'
    But after attention from Alex and becoming more comfortable in her new home, the pacing became less and her eyes began to heal.
    She was also nurtured by Alex's other pit bull, Keiko - and in no time became a 'perfect' dog, Alex told the Pet Collective.
    Loved: She is pictured with her new owner, Alex, who called her affectionate - and 'the perfect dog'

    At home: The 10-year-old dog has also found a friend in Alex's other boisterous pitbull, Keiko, right

    Forgiving: Even though she was so poorly treated in the past, Arwen now loves humans, Alex said

    All smiles: Alex said that even though Arwen had been so apprehensive, rescue dogs really do recover

    'Animals like Arwen, they really do make a full recovery,' she said. 'She doesn't bear any grudge against people. She really, really loves being around people even though they were so bad to her to begin with.
    'I'd always heard people say their dogs were perfect and once Arwen recovered she turned into this dog that is absolutely reliable, confident, affectionate.
    'I thought I had had good dogs before but now I know what a perfect dog is.'
    For more information, visit the Karma Rescue, which oversaw the recovery, and visit The Pet Collective for more 'Tails of

    Read more: Incredible recovery of pitbull mix found languishing with 88 other dogs at hoarder's home in the freezing Mojave Desert | Mail Online
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    What a heartwarming story.

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    I almost cried reading that story. Thank god that poor dog was rescued.
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    Makes my night. Had a shitty day. Yay Arwen! A fabulous forever home.
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    Wonderful story and great to see her so happy and loved.
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    Poor little darling. Nevermind the past,she has a fabulous future.
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    Sweet baby!!
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    This was in my Hood. 30 degrees in January at 3pm ain't shit. It's at night is when it REALLY gets effin cold out here, and in the summer..easy 115 in the shade. The weather is like night and day. Kern County really does need to tighten up on shit like this. There has also been a huge rash of dog nappings out here. They believe there is a dog fighting ring. I'm so happy this sweet baby has a loving forever home!!

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    Oh how lovely to hear of a rescue story like that.

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    What a sweet rescue! i'm glad these poor babies were rescued and I hope there are many more loving forever homes found for these dogs. I hope they all get them.

    My sister rescued a dog from a hoarder situation. I think there 30 or 40 dogs in that situation. Her dog is awesome and I think my mom is going to kidnap him some day.

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    So glad she got a great home, hopefully the others did/will too.
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