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Thread: Meet Battenberg,the four week-old lamb whose black and white markings saved his life

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    Default Meet Battenberg,the four week-old lamb whose black and white markings saved his life

    Two-faced: Meet Battenberg, the four week-old lamb whose black and white markings saved his life

    • The Texal cross lamb was born on a Welsh farm during heavy snow
    • Farmer Richard Griffiths only spotted the lamb because of his striped face
    • Now the Griffiths family want him to be a pet, not end up on a dinner plate

    A lamb's unusual markings saved his life - because his half-black face helped a Welsh farmer spot him in his snow-covered fields.

    The four-week-old Texel cross ram has been named Battenberg by the farmer's young sons, who say his stripey face reminds them of the cake.
    His front right leg and back left legs are black - while the other two are white.

    Battenberg, a four-week-old Texel cross lamb, would not have been found among the snow if it weren't for his unusual markings

    Battenberg, with farmer Richard Griffiths, has two black legs and two white legs and is especially unusual because both his parents are white sheep

    Now Battenberg's face could save him for a second time. The Griffiths hope he will be adopted to be someone's pet instead of ending up on a dinner plate.

    Marianne Griffiths, 44, said: 'We haven't seen a lamb like it before.
    'You either get a white lamb or a black one - but not a half-and half one.'
    'Battenberg is a real mixture which is a surprise because both his mother and father are white.


    Mrs Griffiths, married to 49-year-old farmer Richard, said: 'He was born while we were having a tough time of it during the terrible snow that fell in March.
    'We were going out into the fields and seeing dead sheep and new born lambs.
    'When we saw Battenberg with his amazing two-tone face it gave us all a lift.'

    The Griffiths hope that Battenberg will become a pet for someone instead of going to the abbatoir

    The Griffiths said that Battenberg's arrival was 'a lift' among the gloom of losing sheep during the severe weather in the Brecon Beacons National Park

    The Griffiths have 550 ewes on their farm in the village of Llanfihangel Talyllyn in the Brecon Beacons National Park.
    Normally a young ram lamb would be being fattened up for market. But Battenberg has become a big hit with the couple's three sons Jordan, 11, Jason, 10 and Ryan, eight.
    Mrs Griffiths said: 'He's too special for that - we are hoping someone will have him as a pet.'

    Battenberg became a favourite of the Griffiths' three sons who gave him his name because his face and legs reminded him of the cake

    Read more: Two-faced: Meet Battenberg, the four week-old lamb whose black and white markings saved his life | Mail Online
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    He is just so cute!!
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    Sheep make good pets. They are dumb as a rock, but are loving and loyal and cuddly!

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    I'm starting to think that Batternberg might be the result of some very shady shepherding....
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    I want!! Lambs are so cute, too bad they are food.
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