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Thread: Lauren Conrad shows off her freaking adorable newly adopted shelter pup

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    Default Lauren Conrad shows off her freaking adorable newly adopted shelter pup

    PICTURE: Lauren Conrad Adopts Adorable Shelter Puppy

    Celebrity News
    October 29, 2012 AT 2:30PM
    By Allison Takeda

    Lauren Conrad and her new puppy
    Credit: Instagram

    Lauren Conrad has a serious case of puppy love.

    The former Hills star, 26, recently paid a visit to an animal shelter, where she met and fell for an adorable golden-haired little puppy. Unable to resist the pooch's considerable charms, Conrad adopted him and took him home to meet her other rescue dog, 4-year-old Lab mix Chloe.

    "Never go to the animal shelter 'just to look,'" she shared on Instagram. "It never ends that way."

    Credit: Instagram

    Having recently returned from a book tour to promote her latest novel, Starstruck, and her new style tome, Lauren Conrad Beauty, the Paper Crown designer now has more time at home to spend with Chloe and the new pup, whom she named Fitz. And it seems all three are getting along famously.

    "All I want to do is take pictures of this little cutie," Conrad wrote alongside a snapshot of Fitz looking into the camera.

    Other photos show the pup half-buried in a pile of laundry, curled up in a doggy bed with Chloe, and asleep in someone's lap.

    Credit: Instagram

    "Our new paper crown intern sure is lazy," Conrad joked of the newest four-legged addition to her family.
    Read more: PICTURE: Lauren Conrad Adopts Adorable Shelter Puppy -

    He's so cute; I want to kiss his sweet face.
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    He is very cute. She's not.
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    such a sweet face!
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    I want to steal that puppy through the screen. So cute! I love his ears.
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    No clue who she is but I love her for choosing to rescue a dog. Mutts are the best!
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    Good for her!
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