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Thread: my little pup is a vet magnet!

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    Default my little pup is a vet magnet!

    once again she is at the vet. poor thing. she has what look like little cysts on her belly where her incision line is from the spay. yesterday they started to really bother her and one opened up. gross. she has already been on antibiotics twice this year. are dogs like people in that they can develop a resistance to antibiotics if taken too much? this dog has been to the regular vet or ER vet already 5 or 6 times this year and she is not even a year old yet!!!

    I wondered if maybe the internal stitches from her spay never dissovled.

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    Default Re: my little pup is a vet magnet!

    Aww poor little thing

    I hate it when my dog isn't well and I have to take him to the vet. He's just so innocent looking and he obviously has no idea whats going on!

    I'm sure she'll be fine though, she may have been nibbling at her stitches which can prevent them from healing as well as they should. She may get coned!!!!
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