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Thread: Snow the polar bear dies unexpectedly at Tucson zoo at age 17

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    Default Snow the polar bear dies unexpectedly at Tucson zoo at age 17

    Snow, right, with her brother Klondike, were born at the Denver Zoo in 1994. (Karl G ehring, Denver Post file)

    Snow, the popular polar bear who was half of the one-time Denver Zoo brother-sister duo of Klondike and Snow, died Sunday night at a zoo in Tucson of unknown causes.

    "We have no idea what may have caused this," said Susan Basford, Tucson's Reid Park Zoo administrator, on Monday. "She was fine yesterday and seems to have died in her sleep last night."

    Snow had been at Tucson's zoo since February.

    "We are all in shock and are completely heartbroken, especially her keeper," Basford said.

    Snow and her brother, Klondike, were born at the Denver Zoo in November 1994. The pair were abandoned by their mom, Ulu, and Denver Zoo staff raised the cubs. They were a popular attraction before being shipped to SeaWorld Orlando in November 1995.

    Most polar bears live until the age of 20 to 25, Basford said.

    Denver Zoo officials were saddened by the news.

    "It is a huge loss felt by the thousands that have known her," said Denver Zoo spokeswoman Tiffany Barnhart. "The Denver community shared a special relationship with this bear and her twin brother, Klondike."

    The results of an animal autopsy may be available as early as Thursday, but final results will take several weeks, Basford said.

    Snow was moved to Tucson's Reid Park Zoo in February because she had skin allergies, which zoo officials believed would be alleviated by a dryer climate.
    "She was doing great, she looked so beautiful," Basford said.

    Snow was the only polar bear at Tucson's Reid Park Zoo.

    Klondike still lives at SeaWorld Orlando.

    I loved the story of Klondike and Snow.
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    Maybe because polar bears don't belong in fucking Tucson?
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