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Thread: Horse gets new tail to keep the flies away

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    Default Horse gets new tail to keep the flies away

    Not such a long face now: The horse who lost his tail to cancer is riding high after having it replaced with hair extensions

    By Tom Goodenough

    PUBLISHED: 11:24, 6 July 2012 | UPDATED: 12:52, 6 July 2012

    Horses are well known for having long faces, but Happy the horse had more reason than most for looking sad.
    After vets discovered a tumour at the base of his tail, they were forced to remove the huge, grapefruit-sized melanoma - leaving just a stump behind.
    Fortunately for Happy, however, a hair extension company has come to the rescue and returned the horse to his former glory.

    Happy, the former show jumper, is restored to his former glory and proudly shows off his new tail

    And now the former show jumper can go back to enjoying his retirement at his home in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.
    The steed formerly lived in Leeds at a horse sanctuary but was adopted shortly after undergoing the operation.

    And the intervention of the company, 'Horse Hair Extensions', has come at just the right time for Happy, who was starting to show signs of distress at no longer having a tail to wave away flies.
    Luckily for his new owners, the generous company even agreed to waive the £70 fee for reconstructing Happy's new pride and joy.
    The extensions provided by the company are usually used by owners looking to primp and preen their steeds in time for a show.

    Happy was left anything but when vets were forced to remove his tail after discovering a tumour

    Not again! Happy keeps a close eye on his tail as co-owners Anita Elcome and Ruth Varty inspect his new pride and joy

    Amy Shedden, from Hope Pastures Horse and Donkey Sanctuary in Leeds, West Yorkshire, who briefly took in Happy before he was re-homed, said he seemed delighted with his new tail: 'It’s important for a horse to have a tail so they can swat away flies and Happy was in desperate need.
    'We are a charity so couldn’t afford to pay for a new tail so Happy’s previous owner started contacting people after I spoke to her.
    'Then, Horse Hair Extensions contacted us and asked what colour he was so they could match the tail.
    'He still had the dock so we took pictures of that and sent it off so they could see what they were working with, and they began making the tail out of real horse hair.
    'After it arrived in the post we braided it onto Happy’s tail and he seemed really pleased. He was rehomed just a week ago and will be a riding horse.'

    The 16-hand horse named Happy received his new tail with the kind assistance of a hair extension company after being left with just a stump

    Happy might still have a long face but he seems content with his new tail at his home in West Yorkshire

    Happy’s new owner, Anita Elcome, a 34-year-old cleaner from Knaresborough, North Yorks, said she fell in love with him as soon as she saw the horse: 'We have to remove his tail every few days because there isn’t much hair remaining on his dock, so it works free after a while.
    'After we remove it we then braid it back in.
    'But it is very important for a horse to have a tail as it shows their mood, and also swats away flies.

    Read more: Horse who lost his tail to cancer is riding high after having it replaced with hair extensions | Mail Online

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    LeAnn got her hair did!
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    I was debating which section to put this article in.
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    Horse hair grows extremely slowly. I once knew a horse that had it's tail cut off (just the hair though) as a prank by kids. It took years to grow a decent tail back, but it never got it's full glory back. Horses really need their tails to swat away flies.

    I always feel sorry for these horses:

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    How does this horse's extensions, that are attached to its ass-end and swishes through horseshit all day, manage look better, cleaner, and more professionally applied than Britney Spears' or Christina Aguilera's?
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    That is one big horse pussy
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    Dammit! Now I went back and looked at the horse pussy! *ashamed*

    and NOW I'm even MOAR ashamed!
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    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    Can't a horse have at least SOME privacy??
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    Well it will get some privacy with its new tail!

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    Well male horses are well hung so it makes sense.

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