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Thread: Hot firefighters revive chihuahua after house fire

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    Default Hot firefighters revive chihuahua after house fire

    Monday, January 9th 2012
    Hot Sluts Of The Day!

    The firefighters and life savers from Heartland Fire & Rescue who kept Mojo the chihuahua from floating off to the great big hump toy in the sky after smoke from a fire nearly took his tiny adorable body. I know that perfectly placed concrete crack is inspiring you to make a chihuahua fartquake joke, but temporarily ignore that urge to read about the harrowing tale of a team of firefighters fight to keep Mojo from yapping at the Grim Reaper.

    When a fire started to eat at a mobile home in El Cajon, CA, the owner was able to run to safety, but their chihuahua Mojo wasn't so lucky. Mojo passed the hell out and was just about to begin his strut toward the doggy door on Heaven's Gates. But insta Hot Slut Travis Timmins and other firefighters found Mojo, brought him outside and gave him oxygen for 10 long, finger-biting minutes. A crowd gathered around and they didn't know whether to punch their ears from the tension of the anticipation or to overdose on the awwwws from watching a bunch of hot fireman put a tiny oxygen mask over Mojo's tiny face. The latter pretty much happened when Mojo came back to the living and was SAVED by those hot fire fighters. Sadly, the mobile home is completely destroyed, but happily, Mojo is expected to make a full recover and will be biting at ankles for many years to come.

    And if I should ever black out due to listening to a Ke$ha song without protection (aka condoms stuffed in my ear holes), then please use this picture to bring me out of the dark. It's like a visual defibrillator blast to the soul.

    Awwww. I freaking hate chihuahua's though.
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    Poor little guy. Glad they did not give up on him. Losing you home is bad enough, at least the dog will give them happiness.
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    ^^ So true!

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    Sad they lost their home but I'm glad Mojo is ok.

    Owner hugging mojo

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