OMG - 11???? Thank you!!! We have 9 right now, and I feel like a crazy person. Most are rescues, and while I keep saying "that's it - no more" everyone knows I can't turn away an abandoned, abused animal. It's been a while since the last ones: we finally got a shelter that takes cats, and it's a no-kill shelter, so that's taken some of the pressure off. We also have a total of six dogs. And a horse, but he's boarded.

Overall, I suppose I like these little mugs a lot more than most people. I can't even imagine my life without the love and laughter they bring. The dogs remind me that I am needed and necessary - they give me unconditional love and affection every single day, annnd the cats keep any ego I'm tempted to develop in check by their sniffing disdain for the members of my fan club, lol.