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Thread: Too Cute! Baby Sloths, A Documentary on Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary

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    Default Too Cute! Baby Sloths, A Documentary on Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary

    Filmmaker Lucy Cooke's full length hour-long documentary "Too Cute! Baby Sloths" premiers this Saturday, December 17th at 8pm EST on Animal Planet. The film (and trailer below) features lots of baby Sloths, the residents of The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, the world's only Sloth sanctuary. Most are orphans whose mothers have been killed by power lines or cars. These orphans have a new, if slightly unconventional mom in celebrated Sloth whisperer Judy Arroyo.
    Two of the biggest stars of the film (and trailer) are Violet and Sebastian - the sanctuary's first ever twins. While Lucy was filming they both got sick with a skin condition and had to pay a visit to the sanctuary 'slothpital'. Violet got wrapped up in pink bandages and Sebastian was given specialized sloth pajamas made out of sports socks! (Sebastian in his jammies above)


    Judy now has over 160 sloths at the sanctuary which is a lot of mouths to feed. The sloths chomp through 40 tons of vegetables every year. You can help keep these slothful friends fed by making a donation to the Sanctuary today!

    The Sloths Are Coming (Slowly) to a TV Near You! - ZooBorns

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    you don't have to know


    Aw I want one!
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    Squeee! We watched this show a week or so back. It was really fascinating and interesting. They are THE CUTEST things ever! I would love to have one.

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    I want one,too! So cute and snuggly.
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    I watched the documentary on Animal Planet in December and they are just the cutest things! I love how they go to the bathroom. They hug a tree while they "evacuate"! LOL!

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    They are wearing clothes!!
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    Absolutely adorable animals, those sloths. Their work ethic reminds me of myself, and I find this highly admirable in an animal.

    Apart from the Costa Rican sloths, if I win big time on the lotto (it will never happen) I would like to visit and stay in that country for a while because of the variety of parrots that live there.

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