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    Default Home schooled scratching cat

    We have a 2 years old cat we adopted from the street about six months ago. He became very spoiled, sleeps in our bed, likes being petted and gargles a lot. Also, he scratches and bites us many times. I always have marks on my both hands. It happens almost every time we pet him or try to move him away from bed or any other place like the table. I guess every now and then he does it as a play but we need to shout at him to make him stop. Then he cools and come sit next to us like an innocent baby. Other times he's just into hurting us for some reason... it doesn't look like he's playing.

    We shout at him almost every time because he won't stop doing it until we make him understand we don't like it. He stops but after a few minutes would do it again. He just won't learn.

    I know it's not a dog and you can't just train a cat to listen to you. Plus, it's an independent animal. Right now he's napping like a baby right next to me.

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    Erm... You can train a cat to listen to you.
    My cat does this when he's play hunting, get him some little catnip toys for him to chase/bite/shred/etc I also have him a scratching box (lots of sides of cardboard stuck together) rather than a scratching post because he just LOVES cardboard boxes.

    He could also be using it to find his place in the pecking order if he's new to the family? As I say my cat does this too we don't shout at him I just move my hand so he's trying to bite my wrist (which he can't get in his mouth) and try to make sure that he blunts his claws on the scratching post. It's calmed down a lot, we've had our cat since the week before Xmas last year & he's probably around 3 or so?

    Get him some hunting toys to play with & leave them accessible, also play with them with him when he's in this "hunting" mood. Let him disembowel the play toys with his hind legs and not your hand!

    To train him, start with the "come here" signal, it works best when you fed him eg I click my fingers & point down & he comes to my hand, I regularly do this when I feed him (especially the kitty treats he loves) to reinforce this.
    My particular cat is a rescue & isn't really into being picked up so when he go on the table I scooped him up & forced him to have cuddles, he doesnt go on the worktops or tables now....

    If that doesn't work for him try tapping him on his nose (tapping not hitting their nose is very sensitive) and saying NO firmly & slightly louder than normal. Other cat trainers advocate water guns or sprays but I've never had to resort to that.

    Remember: be firm and consistent. Your cat is like a teenager, you can train it but it takes work & a little more psychology than a dog.
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    This is a tough one, but Novice gave you some great advice. I've had a kitten who was feral and she was a horrible scratcher and biter.

    I finally just realized that she did not like to be petted or picked up, so I stopped doing it and that resolved the problem.

    It was sad because I wanted a cuddly, loving cat but her personality simply didn't allow for it. She did love my s/o, but couldn't care less for me. We coexisted, and when she wanted some snuggles, she would seek me out, but otherwise I left her alone.

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    yup, Novice is on it. however, please don't shout at the cat. they hate loud noises like that, and being feral, makes it worse.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much Bogart too. He's sat spread out on the other couch right now & I'd quite like sone attention from him but he's (pretending to be) asleep. Everytime I leave the room I see this little green eye peeping at me! Lol!
    It's all about adjusting & learning to live together IMO, but I have been accused of being a Cat Whisperer in the past. Well, I prefer the term Cat Whisperer I think that the actual word was witch...,
    It's useful to know about certain behaviours. Cats are instinctive hunters & if s/he's been a stray it'll be more than instinctive. S/he'll still need those skills as they have fed him/her while he was on the streets.
    Stuff like the purring & kneading is attention seeking, puddy wants a cuddle.
    Try stroking the cat on his/her cheeks to the back of the head, that's where the scent glands are & it'll put the cat's scent on you, like a marker. It'll help the cat & you won't smell anything.

    I think that the best advice you'll get that it'll take time for the cat and you guys to adjust. Eventhough we got out cat in December he's still changing & stuff. In the summer, we were sat on the couch when we hear this horrible catawauling from the kitchen, like he's in pain or something (he's a quiet cat normally), turns out he wanted some food. Go figure! Not done it before or since....

    Good luck & don't give up on your kitty. I tend to let mine come to me for cuddles & stuff, now he waits for me to come home & runs up the drive with me, it's cute...

    Oh! One thing I would really recommend if you both want this kitty to love you both equally BOTH feed her/him. I feed our cat & he's "my" cat (or am I his slave?). Only goes to MrN when I'm not around.
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    Someone once commento on my parent cat looking so smug. My Dad said "Why wouldn't she be? She has her own maid and butler." Cats run lives nicely.
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