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Thread: Cats in water

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    Default Cats in water

    The cats in the buckets.


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    The cats with the water glass and in the blue bowl with the yellow toy are hysterical!
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    that made me both laugh & smile.

    that little guy sitting in the bucket with the rag on his head was so adorable! the cat with the water glass seems like such a little bitch! the little kid in the bathtub is lucky he wasn't scratched all to hell.
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    This was really cute .... thanks for sharing. =)

    I had a Siamese cat (he passed 5 years ago) that we regularly gave a bath to. Luckily, he was declawed front and back (not by me) or we'd be bloody.

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    Thanks for sharing this. My favorite was the little guy who skipped across the water. Too cute!

    The cat I used to have loved water - she would stick her little head in any glass of water and drink away. She loved to sneak in the shower when I was in there.

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