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Thread: Brutus, the 17 foot long Aussie Crocodile

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    Default Brutus, the 17 foot long Aussie Crocodile

    Whoa, what a shockadile!

    Brutus, 17-foot monster, rises from the Adelaide River near Darwin, Australia, to snack on a hunk of buffalo meat as fearless tourists look on during a "Jumping Crocodile Cruise." The saltwater crocs -- known locally as "Salties" -- are the largest such creatures in the world and often weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

    And they're the animals most likely to dine on humans, according to

    Brutus may be big, but he's not the toughest beast underwater. He lost his right front leg -- to a shark.

    Poor Brutus.

    Has anyone seen one up close?

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    Most likely to dine on humans eh? I don't want to hear none of those idiots on the tour complaining when they lose a limb or the person in the next seat gets eaten.

    That said...poor baby. I feel kind of pitiful for him with the missing arm.
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    Bad idea to encourage crocs to boats. Yes have seen them in wild and captivity. The only indication you have that they are there is the bubbles or a log slowly drifting towards you. At night all you see is two glowing eyeballs. Creepy bastards! With that said, I've seen documentaries and they are really sweet to their babies.
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    Holy Crap! Those people look too calm! My ass would have been on the other side of the boat. Geez. Let that thing be!

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