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Thread: Chicago Firefighter Saves Dog's Life

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    Default Chicago Firefighter Saves Dog's Life

    She may not consider herself a hero - but firefighter Tammy Rodriquez is one. Apparently the dog she saved, Howdy, thinks so.

    Why? Well, here's one example. According to WBBM-TV news, Chicago firefighters rescued two pet dogs from a Bucktown neighborhood fire Friday (April 15) and used CPR techniques to revive one of the animals, which had stopped breathing.
    Firefighter and paramedic Tammy Rodriguez was beaming as she appeared with the resuscitated pooch, a female named Howdy, at a news conference at the Engine 57 station.
    Rodriguez said one of her colleagues carried the lifeless dog to her outside the fire scene, a three-flat at 1833 N. Wood Ave. She started working on Howdy immediately. She said she has dogs at home, and would assume any firefighter would do the same for her pets. "They're part of the family," she added.
    "(The dog) was completely out," Rodriguez said "And we just started putting the mask (on) and giving it straight oxygen. I started performing CPR, and for awhile there it wasn't reacting, but I think just the positive pressure of oxygen made it start breathing, which was exciting. All of a sudden she started opening her eyes and we're like 'Oh, my God' ... and then she got up," she added.
    A second dog, a puppy, was rescued from the fire and received treatment, Rodrigquez said.
    Jorden Grennan, the owner of the two dogs, said the younger pet, a male named Hossa, was spending the night at a veterinarian's.
    No people were injured in the blaze, which began around 3 p.m., but the occupants were displaced. A cause was under investigation

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    Awww, I just hope she didn't have to give it mouth to mouth.

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