Here we go again...

Last week, Mr. Pippin and I rescued two cockatiels, a young male and female called Reggie and ChloŽ. ChloŽ has a band on her left leg that is stamped "2007" and Reggie is supposedly a year or two younger than she is.

These tiels desperately needed a home and had to find a forever home where they could be adopted together. We heard of Reggie and ChloŽ through a woman at Le Nichoir who we know.

These poor tiels had had about four different homes before they came to us, four different homes in their short lives.

The woman who was fostering them had looked after them for eight months, but she has a houseful of various parrots, including thirteen budgies, and she was overwhelmed. She dislocated her shoulder, too, making it more difficult than ever for her to keep up with all the work that's involved while caring for birds.

She and a volunteer from our local SPCA (the tiel's foster 'mother' also volunteers at the SPCA) brought the tiels to us last Saturday. We paid a pittance for the large cage, Reggie and ChloŽ, plus we gave the SPCA a small donation to buy the budgies there some millet.

Reggie and ChloŽ are settling in beautifully and are a joy to have around. This is our first time being owned by tiels. We are going to love learning from them. We are keeping their original names. This is the last stop motel for that pair, anyway. They stay here!

As for the baby...we had some work done on our house this past Wednesday. We know the contractor and his assistant, as they worked on our house last spring and did a wonderful job, I might add.

Mr. Pip had forgotten this (bad ol' Oxy days) but he blathered to the the assistant, "Next time you visit, you have to bring me a bird!"

And the assistant did! He gave us a baby male budgie. We feel badly that we cannot personally bond with the baby, though we do go to his cage and coo to him. The tiels are in the living room, loose, with Mr. Pip and I've got Mr. Turkle who is bonded to me like Super Glue.

Our only option is to let the as yet unnamed baby birdify and fly with our other budgies.

That brings our total to nine birds. I think we have enough for now.

Had we not bought this house, we could never have rescued Reggie and ChloŽ; they lucked out and we lucked out!

And people snicker at crazy old cat ladies.