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Thread: The sea lions who live on a male-only island in the tropics

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    Default The sea lions who live on a male-only island in the tropics

    Welcome to the ultimate sea lion playground, where the sun is always warm and the crystal clear water looks particularly inviting.
    The lucky creatures splash around happily on the west Australian island of Carnac, where the population is exclusively male.
    Scientists are unable to explain the strange lack of females, but the inhabitants who appear remarkably dog-like don't seem too unhappy.
    They much about in the water in between fishing, lazing around on the white sands and taking a close interest in visitors such as wildlife photographer Tony Wu.

    Hello there: A juvenile sea lion plays in the crystal clear water off Carnac Island, Western Australia

    He made especially good friends with one young juvenile.
    'He's one that I had been playing with for an extended period of time.. it came up and 'kissed' me several times of its own accord,' said Tony.
    'This is a behaviour that the sea lions exhibit among themselves during play and other social interaction.
    'So basically - this juvenile had accepted me as an honorary sea lion, bestowing a kiss upon me to convey its decision.'
    He won favour by jumping around in the water as if imitating a sea lion - and it worked.

    Blowing bubbles: The population is male only but the younger sea lions seem very happy larking about in the crystal clear waters

    Up close and personal: The sea lion gives photographer Tony Wu a 'kiss'

    'Swimming with these sea lions is like frolicking with hyperactive labrador retrievers with flippers,' he said.
    'The primary challenge was waiting for the sea lions to enter the water - since they spend most of the time sleeping on land.
    Carnac Island sits in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Perth

    'Engaging them usually means swimming with them, executing twists, turns, flips and other stunts in the water - to act as much like a sea lion as possible.
    'I'm sure they know people are not sea lions - but when the mood strikes them, they interact with people in the water.
    'They swim circles around you - execute flips together with you, leaping out of the water and treating you as if you were a sea lion.'
    Once he was used to them in the water dog-lover, Tony was taken aback at how similar the sea lions are to his own domestic dog.
    'The first time I jumped in it was intimidating,' he said. 'They are large animals, and have big teeth.
    'But once you realise how friendly they are - any trepidation dissipates. It really is like playing with a bunch of puppies underwater.
    'Their expressions, body language, penchant for play - all remind me of dogs. Being so close to them feels completely natural.'
    Sadly the loveable Australian seal lion - which is found only on the west and south coasts of Australia - is listed as an endangered population.
    Tough life: An adult male sea lion yawns while relaxing in shallow water - the creatures spend a lot of their time sleeping on the island's white sands

    Laws are in place to protect them, but despite this their numbers continue to decrease.
    'There are so many animals around the world whose futures are uncertain,' said Tony.
    'If we can't secure the future of animals as loveable and affectionate as these - what hope do less charismatic animals have?'
    Like dogs Australian sea lions tend to live around 12 years. There number have decline 25 percent in the last 40 years. Currently 6,600 Australian sea lions are known to live in the wild.

    Read more: Sun, sea and sand but no women: The sea lions who live on a male-only island in the tropics... but don't seem to mind a bit | Mail Online

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    It's like a sea lion man-cave, lol.
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    I suspect they are all gay.
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    Sadly the loveable Australian seal lion - which is found only on the west and south coasts of Australia - is listed as an endangered population.
    I'm thinking ya gotta still mate with females.
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    Sea Lion Fire Island!
    They are cute.
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    Maybe it's a Sea Lion YMCA

    So cute, thanks for sharing Honey!

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    it's like mykonos but for sea lions. cute.
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