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Thread: Bald penguin gets her own wetsuit

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    Default Bald penguin gets her own wetsuit

    Splashing around in the water with her bigger pals, Belle the penguin can finally enjoy a decent swim thanks to an unusual extra layer.
    The balding penguin was attacked by its fellow birds for her featherless appearance, but can now finally take the plunge - thanks to a specially-made wetsuit.
    The Humboldt penguin was unable to stay warm and dry and was even being picked on by its feathered friends until staff stepped in for the 10-year-old bird.

    'Can I join in?': Belle starts to fit in with her more feathery colleagues after being fitted with the new suit

    Fancy a dip?: An avian management officer watches as featherless Belle weighs up taking the plunge

    Keepers at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, fashioned the custom-made wetsuit which allows Belle to take a dip with all her penguin friends.
    The bird's first wetsuit had been made from the leg of a human version but he now has a more snugly-fitting specially-made version.

    Making waves: Belle takes some tentative strokes forward in her custom-made wetsuit

    One of the gang: Belle used to be attacked by other birds because of her appearance, but is now fitting in nicely

    Staff at the Singapore park had noticed Belle was losing its feathers last year.
    The penguin had missed its anual moulting cycle and when its feathers started falling out, new ones did not grow to replace them.
    But Belle - who was born at Jurong Bird Park - is now free to join her pals in and around the cold waters thanks to the dark suit.

    I'll go first: Staff say balding in penguins can be caused by stress or hormonal imbalance

    Park veterinarian Melodiya Magno said it was the first time any of its 96 penguins had been bald for a prolonged period.
    It is thought the featherless appearance which sometimes afflicts Humboldt penguins can be caused by stress or a hormonal imbalance.

    Read more: Water off a penguin's back: Bald bird able to fit in after getting her own special wetsuit | Mail Online

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    Awww, how sweet! But shouldn't it really be a little tinfoil jacket? I think the neoprene wouldn't work too well once the oven started to warm up.
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    I'd like to age like sea glass.


    another wonderful story.....

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    Aw, so cute. Humboldt penguins are my favorite animal.
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