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Thread: Cat saves injured dog by alerting owner

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    Default Cat saves injured dog by alerting owner

    LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A cat saved an injured dog in Rhode Island by alerting the two animals' owner.

    Gary Paquette's 12-year-old pug Lilly was in the backyard of his home in Middleton when it happened.
    The pug may not have survived if not for Paquette's other pet, a cat. The cat alerted Paquette to the trouble by jumping around near the screen door.
    Paquette chased the coyote off, but not before it had bitten Lilly several times.
    "I don't think she'll go out unguarded anymore. We have a walking stick and a flashlight, and I'm getting an air horn, a boat-type air horn, and I'm going to keep that with us when we're out there," said Paquette.
    Lilly is on antibiotics and pain medications, but is expected to make a full recovery.

    Includes video....
    Cat saves injured dog by alerting owner |

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    good kitty!

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    Bless that cat!
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