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Thread: Smokey the cat's purr is as loud as a Boeing 737

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    Default Smokey the cat's purr is as loud as a Boeing 737

    By 21/02/2011
    <DIV id=article-body>
    Pet cat Smokey is believed to have the LOUDEST PURR in the world - with piercing purrs as loud as a LAWNMOWER.
    Most cats purr at around 25 decibels but Smokey's powerful purrs average an amazing 80 DECIBELS
    When measured close-up her purrs reach an incredible 92 decibels, equivalent to the noise of a lawnmower, hair dryer or a Boeing 737 coming into land.

    Owners Ruth and Mark Adams say Smokey's deafening purrs make it impossible for them to hear the television or radio when she is in the room and they struggle to have telephone conversations.
    "She has always been very vocal and purrs at some level nearly all the time," said Ruth, from Pitsford,

    World's loudest cat: Hear Smokey purr as loud as a Boeing 737 -

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    As loud as a 737? I find that hard to believe...
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    you already know.


    little shit

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