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Thread: Rescued Bolivian Circus Lions Arrive In Colorado

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    Default Rescued Bolivian Circus Lions Arrive In Colorado

    Twenty-five rescued Bolivian lions who were flown to the U.S. for a new start received quite the welcome when they were unloaded from a plane in Colorado yesterday to yells of 'Come on down!'
    On hand to greet big cats, most of who were given salvation from circuses in the South American country, was former The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, renowned for the popular catchphrase.
    As the first caged animal was moved off the plane, Barker yelled, 'Lion No. 1, come on down,' mimicking the way contestants were introduced on his game show.

    Nervous flyer: Fida, who was saved from a travelling circus, looks petrified while waiting at an airport in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    Now boarding: A Bolivian army officer walks among the cages of the rescued lions before they are loaded onto a plane to America

    Thirsty: One of 25 lions rescued from Bolivian circuses gets a drink of water in its shipping crate after landing in Denver, Colarado

    The 14 males and 11 females landed at Denver International Airport in the afternoon and were then unloaded into a maintenance hangar where police officers armed with assault rifles stood by as a precaution.
    The lions were saved from deplorable conditions after a law was passed last year in Bolivia prohibiting all performances involving animals, Animal Defenders International said.
    Most of the lions were dehydrated and suffered from eye and foot infections when rescued, the group has said.

    Bumpy flight: A lion roars at Animal Defenders International vice president Tim Phillips after landing in Denver yesterday

    Loading up: The special containers are prepared to be moved onto an airplane at Viru Viru airport in Santa Cruz

    Cheers: CSI actress Jorja Fox and former The Price Is Right host Bob Barker were at the Denver airport awaiting the arrival of the rescued animals. As the first caged lion was moved off the plane, Barker yelled, 'Lion No. 1, come on down,' mimicking the way contestants were introduced on his game show

    Barker, who is a keen animal advocate, helped finance the $200,000 airlift.
    He was on hand to welcome Operation Lion Ark and said he was excited to see the animals headed to a sanctuary where they will have room to roam.
    'They will be the happiest little babies you ever met,' Barker told reporters.
    Barker said he hopes someday no circuses will have animal acts.

    Former life: Two of the lions who were given salvation from captivity in Bolivia are seen in cages in Santa Cruz

    Captivity: The big cats, seen here held in tiny cages in Santa Cruz, will now live at a wildlife sanctuary in Colorado

    While three cubs were in one cage with their mother, the rest travelled in their own cages, accompanied by a veterinarian.
    Before leaving Santa Cruz, Bolivia, they were given sleep medication.
    The lions will now be trucked to their new home at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, about 35 miles north-east of Denver.
    A 15,000sq ft biosphere was built to help them adjust to the chillier climate.
    The sanctuary is already home to about 270 wild animals, including lions, tigers, bears and wolves.

    Landed safely: Airport staff in a United Airlines hangar in Denver unload the animals

    Read more: Bob Barker greets 25 rescued lions flown from Bolivia to U.S. | Mail Online

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    always happy to see animal lovers take action

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    Good ole Bob Barker. That man has truly given every thing he can for animal welfare.
    Those lions will be so happy now.
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    Thank god they were rescued.
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    Beautiful story, cant wait to see an update on their new home. I was just thinking Bob and Betty White would make an awesome duo!

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    I'm very happy about this. The Wildlife Sanctuary is the charity my firm supports.
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    I wonder if they were spayed and neutered
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    what a great story, lucky lions!! I just love Bob Barker, he is a treasure.

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    Kudos to Bob Barker. What a wonderful thing to do. Saw video of these beautiful creatures being kicked and smacked last night on TV by their former owners; it broke my heart.
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    you already know.


    thats fantastic! those lions look awesome

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