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Thread: Two orphaned baby swamp wallabies rescued after parents killed by cars

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    Default Two orphaned baby swamp wallabies rescued after parents killed by cars

    Two orphaned baby wallabies are lucky to be alive after their mothers were killed in a traffic accident on a busy road.
    Ruben and Meg, both only three months old, have bandages on their tiny bodies after being rescued by the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville, Victoria.
    The crash left little Ruben, pictured with his red head protector, needing surgery while Meg suffered minor bruising and required a course of antibiotics.

    Nursed: Vet Kate Hollis tends to baby swamp wallaby Ruben, who lost his mother when she was killed by a car

    The pair of swamp wallabies are being nursed back to health along with more than 2,000 orphaned animals, who will pass through the sanctuary this year.
    Elsewhere there are tiny turtles, lizards attacked by dogs and even native animals caught in bird nets being treated by the centre's vets.
    The sanctuary offers the public an opportunity to animals in need, and has visiting hours every day.

    On the mend: Ruben (left) and Meg (right) were saved at the Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria

    Sanctuary: The Australian Wildlife Health Centre takes in some 2,000 animals a year

    While the public watch, the vets wear microphones and explain the delicate surgeries they are performing from behind transparent glass.
    John Gibbons, Healesville Sanctuary director, believes that the three-year-old centre is helping to educate the community.
    He said: 'It's a fantastic place for visitors to understand how unique our wildlife is and how to preserve it.'
    In addition, he issued a warning for drivers to be more alert for animals, particularly at dawn and dusk when they are most active.

    Read more: Two orphaned baby wallabies rescued after parents killed by cars | Mail Online

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    What a wonderful place. Those babies are so darling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    Most adorable pics ever! Awwwww
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    ^^^ I agree^^^

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