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Thread: Thousands of Birds falling from the Sky Around the World

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    Default Thousands of Birds falling from the Sky Around the World

    I searched but I haven't seen anything posted about this. I'm curious if anyone has any ideas about what might be going on. It's getting a little creepy.

    Dead birds, fish kills update: 1,000 turtle doves fall from sky in Italy The ongoing reports of dead birds and fish is continuing to make headlines in the UK and around the world.
    On Friday evening, the Daily Telegraph posted a headline story on the latest mass animal kill story. It detailed the 1,000 turtle doves that fell from the sky in Italy. The turtle dove incident happened in the town of Faenza in northern Italy. This latest bird kill was the largest number of mass animal kills in Europe, as previously reported, 50 dead birds were found in Sweden earlier this week.
    Should be be alarmed about the recent cases and are the connected?
    The consensus among scientists is no and no.
    In an article posted online Saturday in the Wall Street Journal's Web site Saturday, Paul Slota, spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey's National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis., which has been tracking mass animal deaths since the 1970s. told the paper that mass animal kills are not uncommon.
    "In the last 10 years we have logged 188 cases just involving birds with mortality exceeding 1,000 animals per event," the USGS expert told the WSJ.
    See also the Associated Press video on the left. Other experts echoed that opinion to the AP.
    More evidence is surfacing every day that the reports of massive dead birds and fish that were found in Arkansas, Louisiana, Nashville, Tennessee and overseas in Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand and the UK are not unusual. Thousands of dead crabs washed on shore in England but UK authorities say that cold weather is most likely to blame.
    The USGS says mass animal kills happens regularly in nature and some of the deaths could also be related to toxins and loud noise produced by man. The mass bird deaths in Arkansas are thought to be the result of loud noise from New Years fireworks.
    You can read the USGS report for yourself in this link.
    The Washington Post reported on Friday that the 2 million dead fish that were found in Maryland may be the result of unusually cool weather.
    "It's colder than it's been in 25 years," Dawn Stoltzfus, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Department of the Environment told the Post. "That's terrible news for the (fish). In 1976, 15 million were killed during a cold snap"
    The BBC is also debunking the conspiracy theories which blame the dead birds and fish on everything from BP to a sign from God. One biblical scholar, Harold Camping, has predicted the end of the world will be on May 21, 2011. That has caused more to suspect that the bird and fish kills could be a precursor to the apocalypse. Some have jokingly called it the "aflockalypse."
    The BCC concludes, "But experts insist that what is going on is pretty common and that the incidents are unconnected."
    Could we be hearing more about mass bird and fish kills because there is more reporting of the kills in the media?

    Yes. Whereas dead fish washing up on a shore in New Zealand might not ordinarily make worldwide news, it is making news because of the other cases. It may be a bit of a snowball effect. More cases of dead birds and dead fish get reported because more cases of dead birds and dead fish are being reported. The Internet, including Facebook and Twitter, have meant that more people are reporting on incidents that otherwise would go unreported.

    According to the Associated Press, massive kills happen on the average of every other day somewhere in North America. But there is generally not a tendency to link them together as there have in these most recent cases.

    WTF? More Dead Birds Fall from the Sky in Sweden, Chile, Kentucky -- Dead Fish Keep Washing Ashore

    They have dead birds falling from the skies (twice in the last week) in Arkansas. They have dead birds in Louisiana and Kentucky too. And in Chile. And now in Sweden.
    Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, residents found 50 to 100 jackdaws on a street in Falköping southeast of Skövde. The incident echoed a number of unexplained incidents earlier this week across the southern US.County veterinarian Robert ter Horst believes that the birds may have been literally scared to death by fireworks set off on Tuesday night. [...]
    ter Horst noted that he has also received some reports about pigeons, but the incident has happened too quickly to assume that it is related to the untimely demise of the jackdaws.
    The site where the birds were found has now been blocked for a veterinary inspection of the birds. Emergency services had cordoned off the area earlier on Wednesday.
    Oh and the Japanese are worried about dead birds falling, too:
    Japanese bird sanctuaries, poultry farms and zoos went on high alert last month after several species of migratory birds in different regions were found dead of what appeared to be H5N1 avian influenza.
    Fireworks have been blamed. Power lines have been blamed. Lightning and hail have been blamed. Stupid bird tricks have been blamed. Unexplained internal bleeding has been blamed. Bird flu or other diseases have been blamed. The Antichrist has been blamed. Nostradamus has been blamed. All we know is that the people picking these dead birds up wear toxic protection suits that look like this one:

    Meanwhile, don't drink the water if you live in Arkansas -- or in Brazil, New Zealand or Maryland, either. Just ask all the dead fish:
    The Daily News reports that Maryland is now looking into massive fish deaths in Chesapeake Bay.Dawn Stoltzfus, director of communications with Maryland’s Department of the Environment, said “We are seeing small/juvenile menhaden, croaker, spot fish dead, in very large fish kills… The numbers are estimated in the hundreds of the thousands at this point.” Additionally, the Parana Online [Brazil] reports that 100 tons of dead fish, mainly sardines, were found on the beaches of Paranagua, Brazil Sunday. They have also begun to appear on the coasts of Pontal do Pontal do Parana, Guaraquecaba, and Antonina.
    Furthermore, a ‘carpet’ of dead snapper has appeared on a New Zealand beach, according to the New Zealand Herald. On Tuesday, the New Zealand’s Ministry of Fisheries announced an investigation into the hundreds of dead snapper that washed up at Little Bay and Waikawau Bay. Fishery officials deemed the fish unsafe to eat and are investigating the mass deaths.
    A more recent report by the Baltimore Sun places the fish kill in the Chesapeake Bay as high as Two Million. So far no one has blamed the dead fish on fireworks, so that's something for which the fireworks industry can take comfort.
    Maybe God is angry with us and the End Times really are here. Get your Rapture Ready plans finalized. Tim Tebow, we hardly knew ye.
    Or maybe its just a coincidence. I sure don't know. But I would like to get a straight answer from someone who does know soon.

    By Steven D. | Sourced from 1410 Posted at January 5, 2011, 12:13 pm
    WTF? More Dead Birds Fall from the Sky in Sweden, Chile, Kentucky -- Dead Fish Keep Washing Ashore | AlterNet

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