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Thread: Baby beluga celebrates first birthday with a birthday cake made of squid

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    Default Baby beluga celebrates first birthday with a birthday cake made of squid

    This baby beluga has had a complete blowout after making it to its first birthday against all odds.
    Not-so-little Nunavik enjoyed a cake made from squid and capelin as his handlers celebrated a remarkable 12 months.
    It was hit and miss during the first few minutes of the cute calf's life when he was born breech and with a curved tail at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, USA.

    Happy day: Baby beluga Nunavik in Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, survived against the odds after he was born breech and with a curved tail

    Now weighing 460 pounds (32 stone) - three times more than when he was born - Nunavik swam happily alongside his 11ft long mother Puiji, who tips the scales at 1,500 pounds.
    Ken Ramirez, senior vice president at the aquarium, said: 'We were thrilled when the newest member of the Shedd beluga family arrived but there were complications so we remained cautiously optimistic.
    'It's very rare for a beluga to be born breech so we were very worried but thankfully everything seems to have worked out brilliantly.

    Open wide: An assistant at the aquarium checks the health of Nunavik, who now weighs 460 pounds - three times more than when he was born

    'We are thrilled with his progress and what better way to celebrate than a first birthday party?
    'Puiji has been an incredible mum teaching him how to swim and dive despite his curved tail.
    'We are really pleased with his progress.'

    Read more: Aquarium joy as 'miracle' baby beluga celebrates first birthday... with a birthday cake made of squid | Mail Online

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    They are magnificent creatures - so clean looking, so gorgeous, so regal. Lucky little guy made it to his first birthday!
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    ^YES!!! Great way to put it! Clean looking, gorgeous, and regal! Nice.
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    All he needs now is for Raffi to come sing him a song!

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