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Thread: So a koala walks into a bar...

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    Default So a koala walks into a bar...

    A koala walks into a bar... and nods off
    From: AFP
    November 17, 2010

    A koala was an unexpected visitor at the Marlin Bar on Magnetic Island on Saturday night / File
    Source: The Advertiser

    A KOALA has caused a stir at a Queensland pub, wandering inside during a stormy evening and taking up a position above the bar before promptly falling asleep.

    The furry male marsupial stunned drinkers on Saturday night when he entered the Marlin Bar on Queensland's Magnetic Island, approached barman Kevin Martin and ended up climbing up a supporting wooden pole and settling on a beam.

    "I asked him for ID and he didn't have any so that's when he got a bit disgruntled and climbed up a pole," Mr Martin joked.

    "And he just sort of lay over the piece of wood, one of the little rafters, and flopped his arms down and just fell asleep, enjoying the atmosphere."

    Although the koala's visit was welcome, Mr Martin said he called wildlife workers to remove the animal out of concern for its own welfare.

    The koala was later set free elsewhere on the island, which has a healthy population of the animals - unlike elsewhere in Queensland where they are threatened by development.

    Mr Martin said he does not know what prompted the koala to enter the bar, but speculated it could have been attempting to escape the rain.

    "He was sort of hanging outside the pub beforehand," he said.

    "He looked a little bit out of his element, I think he wasn't expecting to find himself in the pub. But he seemed pretty happy nonetheless."

    Source: A koala walks into a bar... and nods off |
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    Haha, cute.
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    Picturing him in teeny handcuffs, arrested for crashing a bar obviously under age.
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