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Thread: Spider-Goats go grazing on near-vertical dam

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    Default Spider-Goats go grazing on near-vertical dam

    First Marvel Comics gave us Spider-Man, then the Simpsons gave us Spider-Pig, and now Italy has give us a new set of superheroes: the Spider-Goats.

    The goats take on the dam, risking a 160ft drop
    OK, so it's not the Hoofer Dam, but these goats are taking risks of an extreme nature on the Cingino barrier in Northern Italy,
    The group of Ibex goats clamber up the almost vertical 160ft-high wall to roll their tongues over the stones.
    It is thought they enjoy the salt and minerals to be extracted from licking the rocks.
    But one slip and they could be dead in a heart bleat.

    Spider-Goats go grazing on near-vertical dam |

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    lol fucking crazy goats
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    If they put one of those mineral blocks off to the side they'd probably have to clean up fewer goat carcasses.
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    "Hoofer Dam"?!
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    Holy Shit!

    I wonder how many of them really do fall to their deaths?

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