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Thread: Labrador Shows Lonely Dingo Pup the Ropes

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    Default Labrador Shows Lonely Dingo Pup the Ropes

    At New Zealand's Wellington Zoo, a young Labrador mix is teaching a Dingo puppy the art of being a canine. Percy, a yellow lab who was abandoned and picked up by the SPCA, is playing companion to young Wolfrik, Wellington's sole Dingo pup. According to zoo officials, Percy is a bit older and wiser, and hasn't been shy about putting young Wolfrik in his place. The zoo hopes that they will be able to find a mate for Wolfrik, at which point Percy will be adopted by one of the zoo's staff. The Dingo is a primitive canine species found only on the Australian continent. It is often mistakenly thought that Dingoes do not bark.

    Labrador Shows Lonely Dingo Pup the Ropes - ZooBorns

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    Too cute..

    I don''t know if she really fucked the board though. Maybe just put the tip in. -Mrs. Dark

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    Way too cute

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    Labs are the best! We've missed Lucy for 10 months now, I just adopted a pair of yellow girls from the Adopt a Lab rescue group. They are beautiful and perfectly trained. They were abandoned by their owner tied to the door of a vet with a note saying 'Please save my babies. I cant afford to feed them anymore'. The vet sent them straight to a high kill shelter (nice, right?). Lab rescue picked them up, kept them 3 weeks to assess and deal with any physical or socialization issues. Now they are ours! I would never buy a puppy from a breeder again. Anyone out there interested they service the whole US.

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