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Thread: Help this former bait dog

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    Default Help this former bait dog

    Please Help Phoenix Find A New Life!

    The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth or transformation. The Phoenix burns to ashes and then is reborn complete and whole. This transformation isn't so much a transformation into something new or different, but more of bringing a life or energy full circle, back to the original purpose and starting over again. Symbolizing a rebirth after apparently being destroyed, this name is perfect for a severely abused anonymous boy who entered the shelter in such bad shape it seemed his life would end there. Touching the staff with his sweet nature and stoic spirit, they named him Luke and sent out a desperate plea for someone to help this tortured soul and give him a chance at a life he has obviously been denied.

    Found wandering the streets of Norwalk with his ears hacked off, Phoenix appears to have been used as a bait dog. He was then set to be euthanized at one of the county shelter. In spite of his obvious abuse, Phoenix is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Thanks to the efforts of a shelter volunteer and an amazing group of networkers, we were able to save him! His face tells the story of the abuse of his previous life, but we will be able to change all of that for him! With the help of Alicia Pet Care Center, we will get him healthy and ready for his new life! His tragic story has touch many lives in a short time, even being featured on KTLA News. Reborn out of obvious tragedy, Phoenix will now have a chance at the wonderful life he was meant to have.

    Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

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    Oh bless his doggy heart, poor baby. Love German Shepherds.

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    People can be so sick.

    I hope Phoenix finds a home soon.

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    This is happening here in Orange County. I swear, if I could come face to face with the mother fuckers that did this, I could actually kill them. I read about this yesterday and watched a little clip on the news and Phoenix is a sweet boy...after all he's been through.

    I can't express enough, the feeling that I want the people that did this to him DEAD...maimed within an inch of their lives and then stomped to death.

    Oh, on a nice note, this animal hospital is known for doing good things in the community

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    I hope he gets a new home, how sad

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    Poor darling! What kind of deranged oaf could do this to him?
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    I had to google what a bait dog is and I wish I hadnt. Why are people so sick? How is that entertainment?

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