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Thread: Fat orang-utan put on strict diet‎ (she looks grumpy)

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    Default Fat orang-utan put on strict diet‎ (she looks grumpy)

    Before you ask, no, Oshine the orang-utan is not happy about her new diet.
    After all, when you’re used to burgers, jelly and sweets, a plate piled high with salad is bound to be a bit of a disappointment.
    Weighing in at a hefty 15 and a half stone, tubby Oshine gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Great Ape.
    But now, Britain's fattest primate is changing her ways.

    Cutting back on the calories: Oshine was kept as a pet in Africa for 13 years before being rescued. Since arriving at rescue centre in Dorset her weight has rocketed and keepers have now put her on a strict diet

    After being rescued from the care of a couple of well-meaning but misguided, owners, Oshine is being put on a strict diet of fruit, yoghurt, lean meat and vegetables.
    Keepers at Monkey World in Dorset hope the 13-year-old will be back to normal size within a few months and ready to try for her first baby.

    Time to get moving: The orangutan is now receiving a more natural, healthy diet and meeting others of her own kind for the first time

    Oshine arrived at the rescue centre from South Africa where she was kept as a pet since she was a baby.
    Her sedentary and unnatural lifestyle meant her weight rocketed. A wild, healthy orangutan would normally weigh between five and 12. stone.
    Dr Alison Cronin, director of Monkey World, said: 'As she grew older, her owners found they could only keep her calm by constantly feeding her. They meant well, but it was misguided care.'
    The owners contacted Monkey World two years ago when they realised they could not offer Oshine a healthy lifestyle as a pet.
    She flew the ten and a half hours to Heathrow on August 31 in a specially designed cage and was immediately placed on a diet.
    'We have been working to give Oshine a more natural life with others of her own kind for more than a year,' said Dr Cronin.
    'The long-haul journey for such a delicate endangered species such as an orangutan is fraught with difficulties and danger.
    'With Oshine’s weight problem we were especially concerned about her travel arrangements and making sure that the journey was stress-free and safe.'
    Although a fully-grown adult, Oshine is now living in the orangutan creche at Monkey World. She will live alongside four captive born babies born in European zoos who have been abandoned by their mothers.
    The Monkey World team say living alongside babies will teach Oshine 'how to be an orangutan'.
    Once she loses weight, gets fitter, and understands more about ape behaviour, she will 'graduate' into one of two breeding groups where it is hoped that she can start her own family.
    'Now that she is at the park, we have her on a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits and she is getting a lot more exercise climbing through the specially designed, two storey orangutan creche,' said Dr Cronin.
    'It will take a few months for Oshine to reach a more appropriate weight and then she will be ready to meet a new man and consider a family of her own.'
    Monkey World is home to Europe’s only orangutan creche and has 14 orangutans. It not only breeds the apes but offers a home to any babies born in European zoos that are orphaned.

    In the creche orphaned babies are cared for by a team of dedicated primate care staff and an adult female orangutan, A-mei.
    A-mei is surrogate mother to the young orphaned orangutans, Dinda, aged four, Hsiao-Ning, seven, and Joly and Lingga, both five.
    In the wild, orangutan are threatened by the destruction of forests for farmland for food and palm oil - used in processed foods in West.

    Read more: Fat orang-utan put on diet after reaching double natural body weight | Mail Online

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    She looks pissed.

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    I've never seen an obese Orang before! Poor thing. I love Monkey World, they're a good rescue centre.

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    I would not mess with her! Damn, she has a FUPA and all!!

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    I'll bet she misses the people who raised her and kept her as a pet for well-nigh 13 years--I mean, she did know them her whole life. Plus, she probably misses eating pizza and burgers and watching tv. Man, you know the more I think about this, the more this story strikes me as one of those situations where people just leave their kid at an orphanage. This orangutan is depressed due to abandonment.
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    The people who were feeding her all that junk food should be smacked! WTF!

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    Another fat one, poor things


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    I thought this post was about Megan Fox.
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    Oshine does bitchface really well. We should get her here as a poster.
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