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Thread: Pit bull who was set on fire and beaten attends his abuser's parole hearing

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    Default Pit bull who was set on fire and beaten attends his abuser's parole hearing

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A scarred but friendly pit bull named Louis Vuitton was the star witness Tuesday as an Alabama state board denied parole for the man convicted of spraying him with lighter fluid, setting him on fire and beating him with a shovel.
    After the 8-year-old dog was led into the packed hearing room, the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles voted 3 to 0 to deny early release to 23-year-old Juan Daniels of Montgomery, who was sentenced in 2009 to nine years and six months in prison, a record in Alabama in an animal cruelty case.
    Daniels, whose supporters said he had been sentenced far more harshly than criminals who harm human beings, will be eligible for parole again in July 2012.
    The dog stuck his head forward for everyone who wanted to pet him as he entered. He bears burn scars from his head to his wagging tail, including white lines on his brown body where the burning lighter fluid seared his skin.
    "You have to see the scars to see what was done to him," said the dog's owner, Dee Hartley of Montgomery. She and her husband adopted the dog after the torture incident.
    It's unusual for a dog or other animal to make an appearance before such a panel.
    "I don't recall every having one here before," said Cynthia Dillard, executive director of the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles.

    The September 2007 attack on the dog drew wide notice. The Montgomery Humane Society got as many as 50 calls a day about the case, some from other countries. The dog was given the name of a French fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, in honor of a dog named Gucci, whose torture case in Mobile in 1994 led to passage of Gucci's Law, which made animal cruelty a felony in Alabama.

    More than 60 law enforcement officers, animal rights advocates and other supporters of Louis crowded into the hearing. Relatives and friends of Daniels also faced the board and asked that he be released.
    Montgomery County Dist. Atty. Ellen Brooks asked parole board members to make Daniels serve his entire sentence because of his cruelty to the dog and the nine disciplinary actions taken against him in prison.
    "The first reason to deny parole is to prevent him from hurting another animal or a person," Brooks said. She said he was accused of torturing the dog, which then belonged to his mother, because he was angry at her for not letting him use the car.
    His mother, Vellica Daniels, asked for leniency for her son, so that he could get on with his life.
    A cousin, Thomas Hudson, said after the hearing he didn't think it was fair because Daniels is behind bars with "folks who committed more extensive crimes than he committed."
    Holladay Simmons, the veterinarian who treated Louis immediately after he was burned, told the board the dog's wounds were as bad as she had ever seen.
    Matt Cooper, the county animal cruelty officer who responded to the call, said after the hearing: "I've worked cases where people let their dog starve to death, but this was the worst case of animal cruelty that I've seen."

    Louis stood patiently outside the parole board offices after the hearing as people lined up to pat him on the head. He nuzzled up to many of his admirers, giving some a big, juicy lick on the face.

    -- Bob Johnson, Associated Press

    Upsetting pic...................................

    Photos: (top and middle) Screen grabs from a YouTube video about Louis Vuitton's progress, as documented by his new owner. (The video, and additional videos of Louis, are available on dogdocAL's YouTube channel.)
    (bottom) Louis Vuitton at the veterinary clinic where he was treated after being sprayed with lighter fluid, set on fire and beaten in September 2007. Credit: David Bundy / Associated Press

    Pit bull who was set on fire and beaten attends his abuser's parole hearing | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    This just makes me weep! Just as much anger as pity. Poor helpless creature. I love his name, it suits him.
    I know some of you are scared of pits. I am too, if I don't know the owner and they are running loose. But my nephews two-Brad and Angelina- are the sweetest things and just worship him. They are terrified of my sisters cats who love to torment them!
    I just cannot believe a human being could be so cruel.
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    OMG, that pic.

    Its about time one of these sick assholes get real time for such disgusting acts.

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    You do the crime, you do the time! It's that simple.
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    Go Habs Go!!

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    Just wow. My neighbor has two pitbulls, and they're actually pretty nice dogs. What a sweet face on this handsome guy.
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    I hope they continue to block his release efforts. Good for Alabama! Poor little pitt, these stories just rip my heart out.

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    What a sweet dog! I'm glad the guy who hurt him is going to stay in prison. Alabama is doing the right things in this case, good on them!
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    Oh no, how sad. That poor baby.
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    This was all over my local news for weeks when it happened, and I can tell you people were ENRAGED. They wanted to string the defendant up by his toe nails. I'll be surprised if he doesn't do every nano-second of his sentence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    This was all over my local news for weeks when it happened, and I can tell you people were ENRAGED. They wanted to string the defendant up by his toe nails. I'll be surprised if he doesn't do every nano-second of his sentence.
    I hope they'll be lining up to do it. Sick bastard.

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    Shit like this wouldn't happen if there was real punishment. Monsters like that piece of shit should have done to them what they did to the animal. Now THAT would be justice.

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