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Thread: Smeagol the Aye-aye

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    Default Smeagol the Aye-aye

    Meet Smeagol, the Philadelphia Zoo's new baby Aye-aye, named after the less than handsome character from the Lord of the Rings. These strange lemurs are the world's largest nocturnal primate and, despite their Gollum-like looks, they are shy and gentle. Born July 14, to the zoo’s female, named Medusa, it's a healthy 105g baby boy.

    Photo Credits: Courtesy of Philadelphia Zoo

    Smeagol has already started to leave the nest box to explore his exhibit. He can be seen withAye-Aye Medusa and dad, Tolkein, at the Zoo’s Peco Primate Reserve. As nocturnal creatures, aye-ayes are typically most active at night. At the Zoo, however, their exhibit area is darkened during the daytime so our aye-aye group is most active during visitor hours.

    Aye-ayes are rare lemurs that can be found hanging from the trees in the rainforests of Madagascar. With their beady eyes, big ears and bushy tails, aye-ayes look like very eerie animals. The Philadelphia Zoo is one of only three facilities in the United States that now has aye-ayes, a threatened species. Protection laws have been put into place, but aye-ayes are still hunted in Madagascar because of the bad luck they are often associated with. Habitat loss due to deforestation is another factor that has contributed to the endangerment of aye-ayes.

    Smeagol! (the Aye-aye) - ZooBorns

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    i think he's adorable.

    Protection laws have been put into place, but aye-ayes are still hunted in Madagascar because of the bad luck they are often associated with.
    i had to look that up (having nothing better to do at 5 AM) and found this on wiki :

    The Aye-aye is a near threatened species not only because its habitat is being destroyed, but also due to native superstition. Besides being a general nuisance in villages, ancient Malagasy legend said that the Aye-aye was a symbol of death. It is viewed as a good omen in some areas, but these areas are a minority.[citation needed]
    However, public contempt goes beyond this. The Aye-aye is often viewed as a harbinger of evil and killed on sight. Others believe that should one point its long middle finger at you, you were condemned to death. Some say the appearance of an Aye-aye in a village predicts the death of a villager, and the only way to prevent this is to kill the Aye-aye. The Sakalava people go so far as to claim Aye-ayes sneak into houses through the thatched roofs and murder the sleeping occupants by using their middle finger to puncture the victim's aorta.[5]
    Aye-aye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Aw, he looks like a nice, curious l'il fellow.
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    What a sweetie!

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    He looks a little strung out.

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    It's so ugly it's cute. I think I would freak out if I saw that staring at me in the dark.
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