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Thread: Giant panda celebrates 4th birthday

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    Default Giant panda celebrates 4th birthday

    When someone goes to the trouble of making a birthday cake, the least the recipient can do is show some manners when it is presented to them.
    Funi the panda showed no such restraint when she was given a tasty treat to mark her fourth birthday, immediately deciding to stick her head in it.
    It was the first time the giant panda had celebrated a birthday in Australia, having been sent to Adelaide Zoo from China as part of a conservation programme.

    Head first: Funi the giant panda eats her birthday cake at her enclosure in Adelaide Zoo, Australia, where she has helped boost visitor numbers
    Funi times: The giant panda enjoys herself on her special day

    The mammal - whose name means 'Lucky Girl' - shares an enclosure with a male mate, named Wang Wang, or 'Lucky Boy'.
    The pair's arrival earlier this year has led to a 70 per cent boost in visitor numbers at the South Australian zoo, sparking massive interest in the endangered species.
    They are the only giant pandas to live permanently in Australia and the only ones in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Teething problems: Funi prepares to pull her cake to pieces

    Funi is described by her keepers as 'very active and playful and often makes excited mewing vocalisations at feeding time.'
    'She is also very intelligent, curious and loves to explore,' a description of her said.
    Giant Pandas used to range throughout southern and eastern China, Myanmar and north Vietnam.
    Today they live in six major mountains ranges across China, but only 1,600 remain in the wild.
    Gift: Funmi is given a box to play with as part of her fourth birthday celebrations

    'Let me in': The rare animal attempts to open her present

    Read more: Giant panda celebrates birthday at zoo with a cake | Mail Online

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    They are just the most amazing creatures!! Love them.

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    Just too cute to be real, aren't they?
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    Awww, I hope the little bear had a happy birthday! How cute
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