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Thread: Brown Stripes for a Baby Zebra

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    Default Brown Stripes for a Baby Zebra

    A Grantís Zebra was born Saturday, July 31 at the Kansas City Zoo to Mom, Jet, and Dad, Zanthus. She has brown stripes instead of black and weighed in at 79 pounds. Brown stripes are natural among newborn zebras; they will turn to black when she is between 9 and 18 months old. Every zebra has a different pattern of stripes. The stripes help them avoid predator attacks as they make it hard for a zebra hungry hunter to single out one animal from a fleeing herd.

    Brown Stripes for a Baby Zebra - ZooBorns

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    How cute! He looks like some sort of zebra/giraffe combo.
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    How beautiful!
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    Cutie. I'm always amazed that the spindly legs of horses, giraffes, etc, are able to support them. They look so frail.

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